Monday, October 22, 2012 9:55pm-3:55pm CST

Dear All:

Have made it safely to Bafoussam. We have now had 3 consecutive hotels with hot water and either WiFi or Ethernet. I have a cord but the internet is not working so I will send this via my modem. Let me return to the beginning of the day:

Got up at 7 with a scheduled departure of 8. We actually got away a little before 8. Road from Yaounde to Bafoussam is a tar (asphalt) road all the way. We stopped at a convenience store to get some necessities such as candy and Cokes. Tom discovered that they have Tampico here so he bought a gallon bottle. You should have seen him tip that thing up and chugger down. My spelt checker says that chugger is not a word but I think it is. We arrived around 12:15 or so. Hotel is nice but we had to move from one room to another for a while as one fridge would not work and then an A/C would not work. Tom moved 3 times; one time they thought his fridge did not work because it needed a new connector; instead of getting one the guy just carried a new fridge up the stairs! We walked down to a local grocery store at 1:30 but they were on break so went back at 2. Just got some more ‘conveniences’ and we are set for the next few days. Lucy was not feeling well so we climbed on a machine and went to a pharmacy to get her some medicine. We were to meet the preachers at 4 and we promptly began at 5:15 or something like that. Tom & Louis will work in Mbouda. Don, Lucy and Ashley will work in Bafoussam and Jean Claude, Linda, Gabby and me will work in Dschang. All told they have 36 prospects so we pray that fruit will come forth. Please pray that the Lord will lead us to receptive hearts. We then went to the hotel restaurant and they had a buffet. It was good but I think I will order from the menu tomorrow. I went down to Tom’s room for about 30 minutes tonight. I am so glad he made the trip. He is a remarkable young man (not simply because he can drink a gallon of Tampico in 5 minutes). I have a picture below of my brother and me. I have a number of pictures of Gabby and have produced the best one below! We are all excited about getting to work tomorrow. Oh, I spoke to Linda and her eye has totally healed. Thanks for all of your prayers. I won’t tell you what a certain person said about Linda’s injury. I won’t let you know that it is a woman, nor that her initials are TB nor that she is a Punk nor that she is the preacher’s wife at the Buckingham Road Church of Christ in Garland, Texas at 3630 Buckingham! I will keep her identity secret.


2 Responses to HOWDY

  1. Brother Jim,
    I love love love reading your updates! KEEP THEM COMING! They are so bittersweet to me. I miss everyone so very very much. If you could PLEASE give my love to everyone. To my dearest Lucy, capture her laugh in a bottle for me and bring it back to the states. Also, please ask her if she ever got my letters. And to the lovely Bassays give them my love in full. Tell J.C. I miss his smile. To all of them please give them a HUGE hug for me. None of that African handshaking stuff. hahaha
    I am so happy to hear that you are there with your family and that the Lord’s work is being done.
    I hope to see you again soon!!!

    • Dear Jaylynn:

      I am back in the States. Due to the difficulty with the website, I do not check this site while in Cameroon. On my next trip if you want to get a message through then simply email me. I pray that all is going well with you.


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