Sunday, October 21, 2012 11:25pm – 5:25pm CST

Dear All:

The wireless is down so I am using my sloooooooooooooooooow modem! Hopefully this will get to you before Thanksgiving. We finished the first section of our journey with 38 Bible studies and 8 baptisms. We are thankful to the Lord for allowing us to work with Him in His field. We are well aware that all of the glory goes to Him and none to us. The day started at 7 with no devo. On Sundays we have to leave earlier than usual and our schedules are so different that we simply pray and read our Bibles in our rooms. Simon picked me at 8:10 and we made it with no problems as there is little traffic on Sunday mornings. I taught both the Bible class and Sermon. Taught on Psalm 119 and the need to be in the Word. Had 15 minutes of questions after my class. Tom said that he had so many questions this morning that they had to finally cut them off. They had 155 which is the largest attendance I have ever heard of on the French side. My sermon was on giving oneself to the Lord with Romans 12:1,2 and Colossians 3:1-4 as my texts. The singing was GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The song leader is below and his name is Prosper. This guy is as good a song leader as I have ever heard. I almost hated to get up and preach. Notice the word almost. We had about 60 crammed into a long narrow church hall. The congregation is below. Immediately after worship I taught 2 followed by another 2. Let me tell you the story of Edith: she is the sister of the preacher’s wife and a sweet woman. She has a real problem on her hands. Her husband left her and she is now living with a man who provides for her. If she leaves him she will be destitute. I fully understand that the Lord would provide for her and that she must put Him first but this is a difficult problem for a woman in Cameroon. Unfortunately, she is one of many. I shudder to think of the number of women who will be lost because of a culture that places them at the mercy of a man. Our afternoon worship was very encouraging and it was a blessing to have worked with these brethren. Let me share some miscellaneous thoughts:

1. I can’t remember how many apartments I told you were in the church compound but it is 5. Simon had me snap a picture of each one. You see one of them below and it is one of the nicer ones. We truly have been blessed from a physical perspective in the States.

2. I have been blessed with aggressive taxi drivers. What I mean is that my guys have no fear which means we get places faster than anyone else. There are times when a piece of paper would struggle to fit between us and the car next to us.

3. I was impressed with Nkoabang. They have 3 classes for children: one teen class and two classes for little kids. Few congregations in Cameroon have 2 classes and most have only one.

4. During worship one girl was made to stand up because she had gone to sleep. I pray that never happens when I preach in America as I fear the whole congregation would be on their feet.

5. I love Tom too much to tell you what he said tonight but I am confident that Wendy would forgive him! Maybe!!

6. I must be getting soft in my old age. I brought 6 Little Debbies (the really good ones) and gave 5 of them away. I also bought 4 Mars Bars and gave them all away. There must be something wrong. Oh, I do not need any dumb aleck emails coming back from that punk, Teresa Blaisdell. She is incapable of being a smart aleck as you have to have a double digit IQ for such a statement. I know because I am on the opposite end and have a quadruple IQ. You may never have heard of such a high IQ but I am just a special guy.

7. Speaking of special that brings me to my lovely, smart, wonderful, fantastic (I am starting to puke, whoops, throw up) niece Gabby. Today she nearly frightened a little kid to death. When she got within 3 city blocks of this child the kid went into hysterics. Fortunately Tom was there and he was able to soothe the child. My brother Don told me that Gabby has that effect on children in Idaho as well. I guess it is a gift in a perverse type of way.

As you can see above it is getting late. We leave for Bafoussam @ 8 in the morning and should arrive between noon and 1. I would be surprised if we have wireless but I should be able to continue to email with my modem and send these uplifting blogs. I know they are uplifting because my lovely, smart, wonderful, fantastic (hold it, I have to go get my ‘barf bag’ again) niece says she enjoys them immensely. I was able to talk with Linda so I feel good. Her eye is healing and she has a return engagement with the Ophthalmologist tomorrow. We are all doing well and appreciate your prayers so much.




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