Saturday, October 20, 2012 9:30pm ā€“ 3:30pm CST

Dear All:

Louis led our devo this morning and spoke from I Cor 3 where Paul talks of the fact that we plant and water but God gives the increase. He encouraged us to know that as we sow the seed it is then out of our hands and into the capable hands of God. Jean Claude taught us a new song this morning and the entire devo was inspiring. Left around 9:10 with Simon. It was raining and kept raining throughout the morning. By the late afternoon it was basically clear skies. I had two good studies today with one bearing fruit. Our new sister is named Agnes and she is below with Simon. We took a taxi to the ‘baptistery’ and on the way we were stopped by the police. They asked to see my documents and just about that time Agnes got out of the car. You see, she is a Police Inspector and she simply said to the Policeman: “I am Inspector Agnes” and we were on our way. During the study it was cool but Simon was cold. He had a jacket on with a scarf around his neck. During the afternoon I had another good study with a young lady named Audrey. She is a school teacher and teaches the equivalent of our 2nd grade. While she did not respond to baptism I feel as though she will continue to study. I got my wish of riding a machine back and it is so much more fun than a taxi. This guy was a typical driver and we went all over the place but made twice the time we would have made in a car. Yesterday I told you about my sister-in-law Ellen and I am convinced that she needs to come over here and ride a machine. When I got home I needed to go to a grocery store and there were no machines around so I took a taxi. The traffic is murder in a car! Had a good supper again. The hotel brought out a plate of watermelon, pineapple and papaya. All of us made sure we got our share before we let Jean Claude get a sniff. The Corners are pretty good eaters but my oldest brother Rod can eat all of us under the table. Don said tonight we need to get Rod and Jean Claude into an eating contest. Gabby is a sweet, dear girl who can burp like a pro-wrestler! She reminds me of my dear sweet daughter although I think Bapp could outdo her. Maybe I need to have Bapp and Gabby in a ‘burp off’ while Jean Claude and Rod do their thing. Oh, on the way to the hall this morning the taxi we rode in had a defroster that worked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That may not seem like much to you but it got my attention. I haven’t said much about my hotel room so let me give you a feel for the place: the name of the hotel is Prestige Hotel. I did tell you that the rooms are small but adequate. I actually have a toilet seat. I can’t remember if I told you or not but after Linda came to Cameroon in 2008, she went home and removed our toilet seats. She saw that they are simply an unnecessary luxury. Now before you disagree, remove yours and you will see I am correct. I have a Fridge but I can’t tell you that it cools real well. Actually, I could tell you it cools real well but I would be a BIG FAT LIAR!!!!!!!! I have a TV and I assume it works but I simply do not have time to look at it. Have plenty of closet space and a good bathroom. Last night (or maybe the night before) we had no water but outside of that everything has been fine. The first night my A/C nearly blew me out but I have turned it down or up (don’t know which one) and it is quite nice. I realize these are creature comforts that we don’t need but I still give thanks to God for them. We have one more day here and then we move to Bafoussam on Monday. We are all doing well. Thanks for your continued prayers and concern.



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