Friday, October 19, 2012 10:15pm-4:15pm CST

Dear All:

Had a good first day of work. The Lord led us to teach 15 Bible studies and witness the new birth of 4! Day started at 7am. Had a GREAT night’s rest. I am rethinking sleeping on the floor in Douala when we return. We will have two nights followed by 24 hours of flying and waiting in the Paris airport and I would hate to be shot before I begin that trek. Devo was in my room this morning. It is a small room (they all are) but we were able to get all 9 of us in comfortably. Singing was great and the sermon was only so-so (I was the preacher). Simon (pronounced see-mone) picked me at 9 and we got to Nkoabang with no problems. He took me around the church compound. It is owned by his mom but she lives in France. The church hall is below. It also has 3 other areas for brethren who are down on their luck or other benevolent needs. For example, a widow with 6 children live in one section while another widow with 3 children live in another. They pay no rent which is so helpful to them. A young brother lives in one of the other rooms. This young man became a Christian some time back and his family kicked him out of the house so he had no place to go so the church provides. Finally a brother named Christian (pictured below) lives there and I taught him the gospel today and he became our brother. I had two other studies with a 23 year old man and his sister who is one or two years older. Their older sister is a member of the church and I am hopeful that they will one day follow the example of their sister. The girl has a problem and it is this: she has a boyfriend (that means she is fornicating with him) and she is not prepared to give up that lifestyle. The brother is closer, I think, to the Kingdom. When we went to the ‘baptistery’ we took that cute little vehicle below. It has 13 inch wheels and bucket seats up front. Then has two rows of seats. The van will comfortably seat 6 Americans or 11 Cameroonians! When we got back to the hall I sat and talked with Simon about church growth and discipleship. I was waxing an elephant when he told me it was time to start worship. Had a good period with the brethren and then came back to the hotel. This traffic is a trip! Even though this is the capital city much of it has no street lights. It is fascinating to watch them drive in the dark with cars on every side. Several times I thought we would tap the car next to us but it never happened. My sister-in-law, Ellen, would love the traffic has she has a bit of Evil Kneival in her. Got back to the hotel and ate around 7:30. Menu was fish, chicken, buzzgetti and all the trimmings. Enjoyed the fellowship and meal. Later Don and I went down and had a Coke. It was good visiting with him. He lives in Idaho so I do not get to see him very often. Spoke with Linda tonight and she said her eye is feeling much better and the brethren at Buckingham Road are treating her like a queen (which she is). Oh, we do have WiFi here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have a few more things to do and will hit the sack. Thanks for your constant prayers and emails. We are all doing well.




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