Thursday, October 18, 2012 9:30pm-3:30pm CST

Dear All:

Should I start with the good news or bad news? Well, let’s just get the bad news out of the way. I have discovered the source of my email sending problems. Haven’t figgered out the solution but know the problem. It is this modem. While I was in Douala using WiFi I had no trouble sending but as soon as I hooked up my modem, it will not send. The other piece of bad news is that my room is freezing me to death! My desk is in front of the A/C so I had to move over to the bed to get away from that misery. I don’t dare turn it off as the electricity might go off and in such a case, I want a reserve of cold air in my room. While I am on the subject of bad news you will see a bus below. That was the bus we left Douala in headed for Yaoundé but not the bus we arrived on. This one started smoking around the right back tire. Turned out the brake line (or something like that) was broke. Waited about an hour before a second bus could come and rescue us.

OK; now let’s have some good news. 1st, all of the bad news above is ‘Mickey Mouse’ stuff. We have it so well that little problems can appear to be major. 2nd, we made it safely and have a nice hotel room. 3rd, I had a good meeting with a few of the preachers and 3 are below: Jean Claude, Albert Yemte and Simon Parfait. 4th, I will get a good night’s rest tonight. I am confident this nice bed will run circles around that floor. Oh, I have a picture of my ‘bed’ in Douala below. In the past when I slept on the floor I used a bedspread from one of the other beds but there were none this time. 5th, while my Outlook will not send my Gmail will. 6th, we had a very nice and pleasant supper tonight. 7th, I have just finished eating about 6 miniature Mars Bars. 8th, I spoke with Linda and her eye is much better. 9th, I have great Christian brethren who are taking care of her.

I will work in Nkoabang for the next 3 days. Please pray that the Lord gives us fruit. Gabby got motion sickness on the bus today and ‘tossed her cookies’ but is OK now. Not sure where that saying came from because cookies are the last thing I would want to toss! Thanks for your continued prayers and emails.


One Response to HOWDY

  1. Ndenge Gerald says:

    Hahaha! My brother Jim, all is good news for me!!! 1st -the modem is adding value to your patience, 2nd- the AC didnt want you on that uncomfortable desk for so long and finaly that bus just got bad at the right place and the deliance was positive towards the meeting later in the day :). How i wish i was right beside gabby when that cookies was toasted

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