Wednesday, October 17, 2012 8:45pm-2:45pm CST

Dear All:

Good day. Just spoke with Linda and her eye is better. Amos Robinson has been helping her today and I appreciate all that a number of you have done for her, especially the prayers from all of you. Slept fairly well last night; I slept on the floor and will do so again tonight. There is a rug which provides some padding and I use one of Tom’s pillows. I have no sheet but that is OK as the temperature is fine. This morning did a few misc items before Lucy, Linda, Louis and Jean Claude showed up. We then went to lunch. If you ever come with me and are starving to death before you go to lunch, be sure and bring a candy bar. Man, does it take a long time to get your food. We all (with the exception of Jean Claude) had chicken and I think they had to raise them, kill them and then cook them! Food was good and we enjoyed our visit. We then went to a nearby grocery store to buy a plethora of things. Tomorrow in Yaoundé we will not have time to go to the store so we went ahead and stocked up. I then went with Louis to buy him some Malaria medicine as he is not 100%. Don, Tom, Ashley and Gabby played some card games. Preparing for our journey tomorrow. We are supposed to leave the bus station at 9 in the morning. The trip is about 4 hours. I will see a preacher for a special meeting @ 2 and then meet with the church leaders from the congregations we will work with at 4. Oh, something neat happened today. A month or so ago Charles Hanson who is one of the elders at the Saturn Road Church of Christ was visiting a member at the Christian Care Center in Mesquite which is a church of Christ nursing home. He began to talk with the of the employees and found out that she was a Cameroonian. He then told her of me and she wanted to meet me. She emailed and told me that she had a brother in Douala named Fred Ndichuah. Turns out that he is a Christian brother and I know him. She mentioned in her email that his preacher was a man named Louis Bassay and that she also knew a preacher named Jean Claude Ethe. Talk about a small world! All of us are trying to get to bed early tonight. Some of you are doing a good job of emailing but some of you are slacking. You need to get on the stick! Thanks for your prayers for us. We are all doing well. Please continue to pray for Linda and if you live in the Garland area, please check in on her for me. Thanks! Oh, below is a picture of our 5 grandchildren from North Carolina.



2 Responses to HOWDY

  1. Kurt says:


    You mentioned that Louis wasn’t quite 100%. Tell him that he’s never been 100% since I’ve known him.

    Glad things are going well so far. Hey I don’t know about that sleeping on the floor stuff, remember I had a little furry visitor come calling on the last trip.

    Been pretty busy around here finishing up the last group of tax procrastinators but can finally have some relief. I think all that pressure had been affecting my golf game the last few times so I’m expecting great things this Friday.

    Keep up the good work and we’ll be thinking about you Friday as we tee off.


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