Tuesday, October 16, 2012 3:35pm – 9:35am CST    

Dear All:

We are a couple of hours from Douala. Got up @ 6am and went down for breakfast around 6:45. Left for the hotel around 7:30 and for all of you who mock me about going to airports early, it is a good thing we left when we did. The hotel bus stops at 4 other hotels and we were the first so it took about 30 minutes to get there. Once we arrived we had to get on an elevator and then walk to the correct terminal. To my surprise we had a really long line to get through at Passport Control. We were in that line for at least 30 minutes. Then we had to go through security and that was not a long wait. We got to the gate about 10 minutes before they started boarding. We did stop and get a Coke Light because we were hot from all the walking. We had to get in a line to pay and by the time we got up to the cashier I had finished my drink. Once we got to the gate Don, Ashley and Gabby were there. Their flight was on schedule and we got on the plane with no problems. It is a full flight and this seat is quite different from the one on American. Tom and I had Exit Row Seats on that flight so we had plenty of room. We are simply with the rest of the ‘cattle’ now and Tom is nearly 6’3″ so he really is tight. A few of you know Chris Lowe who has been with me twice and he is 6’6″! It is times like this that I wish I was Linda’s lowth! I skipped lunch because I am still full from breakfast. Have been reading for the past 3 hours and did go over and talk with Don, Ashley and Gabby (they are on the other side of the plane). They just passed out some Toblerone so I did take it but will probably eat it tonight. I decided to post a picture of two beautiful girls. Alex is one of our granddaughers and the other one is the most beautiful woman in the history or history! Will write more tonight before I send this. We should land about 45 minutes late but that will not pose a problem. Keep praying and emailing.

10:40pm – 4:40pm CST

Arrived with no problems and got thru Customs OK. Bags were a long time in coming out but they all made it! Yea! Jean Claude, Louis and Linda met us at the airport and we rode back to the hotel in the hotel shuttle. After we got here Cyprian, Julien and Natalie came. Had a good visit and then we ate in my room. Had some Tuna and Beenee Weenees (mixed, of course) and it was very good. Have been unpacking. Just spoke to Linda and she had an accident yesterday and scratched her Cornea. Regular doctor sent her to the ER and they said it will be OK within a few days. She is supposed to see an Ophthalmologist so she will go to mine. Please keep her in prayer. Several from church have already come to her aid along with Bapp. She should be fine but is trying to figure out what to do with Charlie Brown tomorrow. Hopefully she will feel like taking care of him. I have a few other things to do and will get to bed. Tom and Don went to bed an hour or so ago. We are all doing fine. Have WiFi in the room so that is nice.




2 Responses to HOWDY

  1. Janie Klein says:

    Hey, Jim!
    I am enjoying your blogs, since Steve forwarded some to me. I would like to receive them, if I qualify. 🙂 Seriously, if there is something I must do let me know, or I will figure it out.
    Take care,

    • Dear Janie:

      While I post blogs each day that I am in Cameroon, I never go to the blog site to read responses. I need to tell people to reply in an email as that is the most reliable coming from the States to me in Cameroon. Steve emailed me yesterday that he had been forwarding my blogs. Here is how to sign up:
      1. Go to the Cameroon Website at
      2. Click on the far right link that says “Blog”
      3. When that page comes up on the right hand side it will say “Email Subscription”
      4. Enter your email address and hit ‘Sign Me Up’.
      5. It will tell you to check your email so please do so to confirm your subscription.
      1. Please note that if the blog is not in the Inbox please check your spam or junk email as it may be there.
      2. Once you find the email from Word Press, click on the link provided to confirm subscription.
      3. After you have subscribed, my blog will come to your email each day.

      Once you sign up you will get my blogs that will start in February. I only write a blog while in Cameroon during the months of February, June and October.
      I pray that your health is doing better. Tell Jerry I said hi.
      P.S.: Steve has been addressing me as “Jamie Jimbo”.

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