Sunday, June 24, 2012 9:40pm-3:40pm CST

Dear All:

The Lord continues to bless us and this day was no exception. We finished the campaign with 125 Bible studies, 46 baptisms and 9 restorations. Only time will tell what impact this trip had on the Kingdom. I spoke at length with one of the new converts today and asked him: ‘was your baptism good or bad’? He said good and then I told him that only time will tell. If he falls, then it was of no value whereas if he remains faithful, it is very good. One of the more gratifying parts of these trips is the impact we have on the native brethren.

Here is how the day went: got up before 7 and prepared for the day. Paul, Louis and I took a car and it had rained much overnight. The roads were very difficult and it was fascinating to watch us bob and weave. A couple of times we had to stop to allow traffic ahead to clear the road so we could go. After we dumped Paul, the road got better. I am amazed at how quickly these roads dry out. If you can go a number of hours with no rain, then they are passable. Next month and in August these roads will basically be shut down as that is when the heaviest rain falls. Below you can see a picture of how they load down the vehicles. Understand that there are at least 8 people inside the car. I arrived at the church hall around 8:35. A few brethren were there so we had a good time visiting. I taught Bible class on the need for each member to be involved in studying the Word of God. The sermon was from Romans 12:1,2 on being a ‘living sacrifice’ and conforming to the Lord and not the world. The song leader was a young man named Gilbert and he is good by Cameroonian standards! There is a picture below of the children. Also a picture of the preacher at Small Ekombe. His name is Andrew Meliki and his wife’s name is Evelyn. The children are Darius, Felicia, Sutton (named after Richard Sutton) and Glenn. Taught a young man named Alioe and he was baptized. A brother in the congregation named Patrick is one of the young preachers we support on a weekend basis in the village of Pete. When he heard that Alioe had been baptized he was so excited. He pointed out to me that they are both from the West Province which is highly, highly idolatrous. He said it is nearly impossible to convert one of them so he was very happy. We then had a marvelous afternoon worship. Oh, we also baptized a young girl that I taught yesterday. She had told me that she wanted to think about it and usually that means no but she was very serious. Took a machine back and only had a minor problem which I will discuss below. Had a good final supper and have been packing ever since. We are loading at 6:15 in the morning. After getting to Douala will start tying up loose ends. We will also go shopping at the wood market and then have our combined service tomorrow night. I also have a meeting before the service with the brother who is currently interning. I will have to leave earlier which means I get to ride a machine! Then I have a meeting after the service with Jean Claude’s congregation. I took a shower when I first got home tonight so I will call Linda and should be able to get to bed by 11:30.

Some misc items:

1. I was talking with a couple of brethren regarding the ancestor worship in the West Province. They said that if you become a Christian your grandfather (who has been dead for decades) will be very unhappy with you. That is one way they manipulate people from becoming Christians.

2. I was sitting with Patrick and Andrew when Patrick looked at me and said: ‘be still, there is a mosquito on your head.’ He then whacked me on the forehead and showed me the dead mosquito!

3. On the way back from the church hall the chain on the machine came off. The driver took a while but he was able to get it on and off we went.

4. Just down from the church hall two big trucks collided. Nothing serious as the mud simply ate them up. One of the trucks was able to move fairly soon but the other one was going uphill so it was about 3 hours before it could move.

5. I have probably shared this with you before but the songs they sing are very simple but full of meaning. When you add the spirit with which they sing it is truly inspiring.

6. When you go for a baptism the preacher and candidate just strip to their underwear in the front of God and everyone else!

7. You can have extreme pity on me because my A/C is not working. It has frozen up and only serves as a fan.

This has been an extremely blessed journey. We are all doing well and looking forward to our trip to Douala tomorrow. The road between here and there is a new tar road so we won’t have to deal with any mud!



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