Saturday, June 23, 2012 10:00pm-4:00pm CST

Dear All:

You can never measure a day’s success by numbers because you never know how many will remain faithful and how many will fall. If, for example, you had only one soul but he turned out to be another ‘apostle Paul’ then that would have to be considered a glorious day for the Kingdom. On the other hand, if you won 20 souls and they all fell then that would be an horrendous day (II Peter 2:20-22). From a purely numerical point of view, this was not only our best day but it surpassed all of the previous days combined in the number of souls won to the Kingdom. We were blessed to teach the gospel to 31 souls today and 17 surrendered their lives to the Lord. I am both excited and measured in my response to my day. I taught 11 with 7 of them giving their lives to the Lord. The reason for my tempered excitement is that 6 of the 7 are young people who have been attending the church for some time. Before we went down to the water I had a discussion with the preacher and he told me that he had been working with them and that they knew what they were doing. Of course, if they grow to be strong servants then that will be a great blessing for the Kingdom. You can see them below: the ones standing behind from left to right are Adamo, Gildas, Nameko and the ones in front are Ken, Lionel, Couhison and Felicia. Please keep them in prayer as well as the others who were baptized today. The second picture shows that it is somewhat more difficult to go through the actual process of baptism in Cameroon than in the States.

Let me take you through the day: got up at 6:50 and did my usual routine. Devo was at 8 and I led the thought. Took it from II Chron 18:33 which teaches the fact that God is truly in control. Paul, Louis and I left at 9:30 with us dropping Paul at Kake II, me at Small Ekombe and Louis going to Kwakwa. My first two studies were lengthy and once again you could see the devil at work. We all understand that the longer we are entrenched in a given thought (whether it be religion or politics or anything else) the more difficult it is to change. We were dealing with some sweet women who had been sprinkled. They, of course, were told that it was baptism and they simply accepted the false teaching. So many people in religion (including many of our members) believe what they believe based on someone else rather than on their own study of the Scriptures. I have been using Acts 17:11 in which we see the Bereans searched the Scriptures daily to check out the apostle Paul. I still feel good in that we were able to sow some good seed. One of the girls is a 20 year old named Mary and she seems to be the least ‘dug in’. When it was time to baptize we had to take machines to Big Ekombe where the water was. Each machine had at least 2 plus the driver and some had 3. I rode with the young man who had translated for me. I was on the back and riding on the luggage rack. Not exactly the most comfortable place but it was OK. I was about an inch from the end of the machine and held on when we climbed hills. The road is very bumpy and it is impossible to miss all of the rocks and holes but the drivers do a good job of missing the biggest ones. When I was with ‘speed demon Rick’ the other day I would be taken off of my seat from time to time but gravity always proved to be a wonderful companion. You could not drive nearly as fast on this road because if you did, you would seriously tear up your machine. I got back to the hotel with no problems and we had another great supper. Paul had ordered ½ order of spaghetti but their ½ for him was the same as with mine yesterday. Jean Claude, Louis and Vincent all had native dishes and Paul videoed it as he plans to show all of this to his congregation. Jalynn had been given so much food last night that she ate a can of Ravioli that she had bought in Douala. I have been doing all kinds of errands tonight and getting my exercise by walking up and down stairs. Spoke to Linda and she is well. A/C had went out but it is partially fixed. Last night it was 90 in the house so a dear couple from church, Monnie and Jan Cates had her spend the night and she told me they treated her royally.

Two misc thoughts:

1. Has I have told you on previous trips; you learn to cherish small blessings over here. For example, last night I put my bottle of water in the freezer and this morning it was a solid block of ice. By the time I got to Small Ekombe and for most of the day, I was able to drink ice cold water.

2. We have some marvelous conversations at the dinner table and for some reason tonight Jalynn brought up the fact that she did not have a toilet seat. What a spoiled and misguided American! She had even been going around to all of rooms to make sure that we did not have one. I told her that after Linda’s first trip to Cameroon she got rid of all of our toilet seats.

Well, that is all for now. Looking forward to worshipping with the brethren tomorrow. We continue to do well. Thanks for your prayers.



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