Friday, June 22, 2012 9:10pm-3:10pm CST

Dear All:

I SURVIVED the Tombel road!!!!!!!!!!! Will write more about it below.

Had another good day with 12 Bible studies and 3 baptisms. Our prayer, as always, is that these are not simply people who are getting wet but that they will grow to be mature children of God. We stress as much as possible that the local church is going to have to help mature these new Christians. My studies were only fair. It is sad as you watch good people make decisions that will have a negative eternal impact. The devil has really done a good job of messing things up. Some of the simplest teachings in the Bible deal with baptism and the fact that Jesus built only one church and yet the devil has so confused people that they cannot even see.

Several things about the ride to and from Tombel on the machine today: 1st, a month or two ago Linda and I went to 6 Flags. We rode the Merry Go-round, the antique cars that go about 5mph and a couple of other rides of the same ilk. Well, after riding this road for the last two days, if we ever go to 6 Flags again I am going to ride the most dangerous, fast, exhilarating ride they have and when I get off I will look at that ride and say: “is that all you got?” 2nd, I would like to take a video camera with me so you could see the road but the camera would be shaking so fiercely that you couldn’t make anything out. 3rd, this morning it was raining small when we left the hotel so I asked Yanick (that is Speed Demon Rick’s real name) if the road was OK and he said it was so off we went. 4th, we went to a Petrol Station where we fueled the vehicle and then he put air in the back tire (you know, the one that blew yesterday). I asked him if it was OK and he said it was so we were off to the races. 5th, I have told you in past blogs about the excitement of a machine but that has always been in a city. All you have there is running red lights, riding on the sidewalk, going the wrong way on a one-way street and other such mundane things. After these 2 days Douala will seem like going for a stroll with Linda. You have to really pay attention when riding on this road to make sure your body doesn’t shift too much and that when you go over a big bump that you land on the seat and not the ground! 6th, I lost 27 pounds today (or some amount like that) as this road is a real workout. 7th, when you finally arrive at your destination you have to be careful getting off because it takes a while to get your ‘land legs’ back. 75 minutes on a machine on this road is really something. 9th, I told the brethren of our near catastrophe yesterday so they read the ‘riot act’ to Yanick and told him to go slow. They even told me to ask him every so often to slow down. We left and at first he was going rather slow, at least for him. I even thought about tell him he could go faster but was concerned that he would revert to his old ways so I kept my mouth shut. Over time he continued to increase his speed but that was OK with me. At one point he called back to me and said: ‘am I running too fast’ and I told him no. 10th, at supper tonight Louis had been on a machine and saw us fly by. He told his driver to follow us as he was going to the same hotel but he driver could not keep up with Yanick! 10th, now please don’t let Linda know about any of this.

I told you yesterday (I think) about the baptistery in Tombel. Well, today they filled it and as you can see in the pictures below, they fill their baptisteries as we do ours. Have someone bring a bunch of water in on a cart in different size containers and then dump them in. I think we have a deacon at Buckingham Road who is in charge of “Baptistery Water Dumping”. At least I think that is the official title.

It is raining as I write but everything is going well. We had supper again and last night I had Spaghetti. It is very good but they bring you a really big plate so today I ordered a ½ order. Well, evidently ½ and whole are the same as I got another big plate. We were taught as children to clean our plates so I did my duty. Everybody enjoyed their supper.

I have forgotten to mention our daily devos before we go out each day. Vincent, Jean Claude, Louis and Paul have all led the ‘devo thought’ and done an excellent job. My turn is in the morning. We are moving to different churches and I will be working with the church in Small Ekombe. Their preacher is partially supported by the Taft Avenue Church of Christ in Loveland, Colorado.

I have a few more things to do but should get in bed at a reasonable hour. We are all healthy and doing well. Thanks for your continued prayers and emails. I finally received some emails today but still can only reply with Gmail.



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