Thursday, June 21, 2012 10:30pm-4:30pm CST

Dear All:

It is later than I want it to be but that is OK. Vincent came down and we visited for a long time. He is always a blessing to be around. We had a good day with 21 Bible Studies and 3 baptisms. I had three Bible studies: one was not a good prospect; one was a good one who is struggling because of her husband and the last was excellent. He became our brother and his picture is below. His name is Sylvester. The church has a very nice baptistery but it could not be used because there was no water. They carried him on a machine to a village that is about 5 Kilometers away (whatever that is). I had another Bible study during that time. It was with a woman named Miranda. She wants to become a Christian but must consult with her husband first. I understand that Jesus must come first but women in this society can be thrown out on the street if they buck their husband. We are praying that he will not be a difficult guy. He drives a taxi and leaves early in the morning and comes home late at night so I will not be able to converse with him.

What is it about Kumba? I have stayed in countless hotels in both Cameroon and Ghana; numerous hotels in the States and around 10 in Europe. Kumba is the only place in which I fall UP the stairs. Did it again today. Didn’t hurt anything but I am getting to the point where I really tread slowly going up stairs in this town!

Had a very interesting day regarding transportation. A brother named Roland picked me this morning and we took a machine to Tombel. The driver, Roland and I on the same machine. It is about an hour and 15 minutes so quite a ride. He put me in the middle but I prefer to be in the back. He told the driver to not go too fast and the ride was actually pretty nice. There were many bumps but the ride was smoother than the road looked. The ride home was a lulu! There was an old man at the worship who road back with me part way. We put him in the middle and Roland told the driver when we left to go slowly. I don’t know what the driver said but slowly was not it! We blew down that road and got to the place where we dropped the old man. Then we took off again; the speedometer did not work which disappointed me because I wanted to know how fast we were going. Of course, I might have had a heart attack if I had known. At any rate, we are speeding down the road dodging rocks and holes and trucks and cars and pedestrians and doing quite well when the back tire blew out. We started sliding to the left and then to the right about 6 times; I was confident we were fixin to crash but this guy was a good driver and got us stopped in an upright position. We were still a loooooooooooong way from Kumba but an old man on a machine came by and he took me the rest of the way. When I climbed aboard he told me that he was not a driver and would go slow. After riding with ‘speed demon Rick’ it appeared that we were walking. I took him to a Petrol Station and filled his tank and he was very happy.

Some misc items:

1. On the way this morning Roland said something to the driver and he stopped. Then Roland said to me: “I want to make water”. That is there way of saying ‘take a leak’. I actually do not use that type of language as I am more sophisticated.

2. Speaking of the above; after a study I did what we do at Buckingham Road when we need to use the bathroom. I went behind the church hall! I assume that is what you do as well.

I don’t know why but I am really tired. Will call Linda, take a shower and hit the sack. We are all doing well.


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