Wednesday, June 20, 2012 9:30pm-3:30pm CST

Dear All:

You know that crack I made about a wonderful generator in Mamfe? I take it all back!!!!!!!!!!!! As I was finishing my blog last night the electricity went off but the generator did not go on. I use a Mag Lite which is a little flashlight that you can put in your mouth to free both hands and that is how I finished packing last night. It was not hot so even though I had no ‘moving air’ I slept well. When I woke up I thought I heard the A/C but I was hallucinating and it was only rain. It rained and rained and rained and we had to pack in the rain. We put most of our stuff inside the bus so it would not get wet. When you ask a driver over here if he has a cover that will keep everything dry he always says yes. One time the driver came and his ‘cover’ was a net! This was a most exciting trip. You may or may not recall that last week we were told to avoid the Mamfe road because a bridge was out. Well, it wasn’t a bridge but a really muddy spot in the road. Below is a picture and we were there for about 30 minutes as they tried to move vehicles. Jalynn absolutely tripped out over this road. We had a good driver because he had to be good to navigate this road. About ½ way through we stopped for a break and Jean Claude, Louis, Vincent and Lucy all bought the porcupine you see below. Lucy is going to Douala to assist her sister who just had her 5th child. After we cleared this mud hole Jean Claude said: “we are in Kumba”. That was just a figure of speech to say that we had clear sailing from that point on because we were still a couple of hours away. From Mamfe clear up to Kumba it was mud. There was no tar road so Paul and Jalynn are really going to like our trip back to Douala because it is on a new and most beautiful tar road. Oh, if you have not read my blogs before Tar Road is what they call an Asphalt Road. We stopped at a grocery store before we went to the hotel to buy water and a few other necessities.

I was speaking with Lucy on the van about a very impressive young woman in their congregation. Lucy said this girl came to Jesus on her own. She had been a member of a denomination and began to look at what they taught and what the Bible teaches and realized that that was not the church of the Bible. If more people would simply read the Bible and compare that would put denominationalism out of business. Well, she then started worshipping with another denomination but after a time saw that they were also teaching error. One day she walked by our building and decided to come in. She began to listen, compare and see what was being taught and practiced and gave her life to the Lord.

The hotel we are in is very nice. Rooms have A/C and Fridge. I bought some Gino and Pamplamouse and put in the Fridge and they were cold in no time. We ate in the hotel restaurant and while it was very nice, they cannot compare to my cooking. Discovered what must be a new invention tonight; you flip a switch on this big circular thing and then in a while hot water comes out. What an amazing world we live in. Perhaps this will come to America one day. I have been alternately turning my A/C on and off because it gets too cold in here. My bed only has a sheet so I am not sure what I will do but I will manage. Jalynn had a stomach problem this morning but I some medicine that took care of her quickly. We are all doing well and look forward to the next 4 days. Tomorrow and Friday I will work in a town called Tombel. Then on Saturday and Sunday I will be in Small Ekombe.

The internet was obviously weak in Mamfe because I am using it well now. I still cannot send emails via Outlook but sent a bunch via Gmail earlier. Thanks to all of you who have written. Also, thanks to you for your prayers.

In Christ,

Jim Corner

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