Tuesday, June 19, 2012 10:45pm-4:45pm CST

Dear All:

We finished the first section of the trip today and the Lord blessed us with 5 baptisms. We have been privileged to study the Bible with 49 precious souls and witness 10 baptisms and 6 restorations! We are most grateful for the way that the Lord has blessed us. This is the rainy season and the last two days have truly lived up to its name. It rained so much last night between 6 and midnight and started raining again around 7 tonight and is still going. Having said that, we were able to travel to our various places with mud a constant companion. I studied with the couple below and although they did not give their lives to the Lord, it was a good study and I pray that the brethren here will follow-up. The other picture is of some funny looking animal (I don’t know what it is and the brethren did not have a name for it).

Had a great final worship with the Mamfe brethren. We have had good attendance and my prayer is that what I have been able to share with them will prove to be beneficial. Please pray for them as they help the two new babies we brought into the Kingdom today. One is 20 years of age and the other is 17. A problem I have witnessed over the years is one that I see often times in the States and that is a poor method (if any) of discipling. I am amazed at times to see how little we do to help new brethren grow in the Lord.

There are true blessings in Word and Excel; they are not tied to the internet so they work at all times! When I come back in October our Youth Minister, Tom Kimmey, is going to be with me and I am hoping that he is a technological wizard. I do not know if I will be able to send and receive email in Kumba or not. My guess is that I will be able to send using Gmail because the connection should be far stronger. We have really been blessed in this hotel because of the generator. In past years we stayed at the Hotel California and we would have spent much time in the dark while sweating! Here we have had a couple of short outages and that is all.

Over the years I have concluded that people are pretty much the same everywhere. Obviously there are cultural differences but all in all, we are not that different. For example, I was thinking about that as I went to supper tonight. I know that if you were traveling with some friends in the States when you went to supper you would: 1. Take your food in a plastic sack. 2. Have a wet wipe in one pocket with your Kleenex in the other. 3. Carrying your flashlight so you would not stumble. 4. Carry your umbrella to stay dry. See!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are going to load in the morning at 6 and hope to be in Kumba by 1. We will not know which road we will take until the morning when the driver says which one is passable. We are praying that the road direct from Mamfe to Kumba will work as it is far shorter. It is a bumpy road and Linda can tell you all about it.

I have been concluding these blogs with a short thank you but I want to say a little more than usual. I do not take your prayers for granted. As I look at the past week I see a truly smooth trip. Actually, the bumpiest part of the trip was in Paris! We have been blessed with great accommodations (oh, the electricity just went out), outstanding food, safe travel and a good time in sharing the Word with the lost and the saved. We are looking forward to the next section in the Kumba area. Please be aware that we REALLY are grateful for your prayers! We all continue to do well.


Jim Corner

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