Monday, June 18, 2012 8:45pm-2:45pm CST

Dear All:

There is no way that you can call any day in the presence of the Lord a ‘bad day’. The apostle Paul will write in I Thessalonians 5:18 that we are to ‘give thanks in all circumstances’. My faith is on a level where there are times that I have to say THANK YOU for a problem and the Lord knows it is not a positive thanks but one of the mind. This, however, was a good, positive day. This morning I had a study with 2 women. Oftentimes it is difficult to gauge sincerity. You plant the seed and pray that the heart was good soil. My guess is that one was serious while the other was not but time will tell. I then had a study with a woman who appears to really love the Lord. Her ‘hang-up’ is on the necessity of baptism but my sense is that she is struggling and truly wants to do what the Lord desires. While we would always enjoy a quick, positive response that is not always the case. This afternoon I had a study with a man who has been studied with much by 3 different brethren. I pray that he is honest in his quest to follow the Lord. We had a total of 20 Bible studies today, 1 baptism and 5 restorations. Paul believes that a couple of his studies will ultimately give their lives to the Lord.

Some misc items:

1. In one of the studies today John’s phone rang and the tune was “She’ll be coming around the mountain” which I thought was quite interesting.

2. Accommodations continue to be very nice. They fixed my toilet today so I won’t have to fill a bucket from the shower and then pour into the tank.

3. Jalynn was with me this morning as she did not have a study scheduled until this afternoon. We came back in the afternoon and had a good visit. She is a good kid. With her being 17 and Paul and I quite older, it is interesting to watch her reactions as we talk about things in the past. For example, at supper last night we were talking about paying 25 cents for a gallon of gas when we were young and that was rather ‘mind blowing’ to her.

4. I got back to the hotel after our evening worship just before the sky opened up. Rained a bunch (actually is still raining) and pray that it does not destroy some of the roads to the villages tomorrow. The hotel has a big generator so even though the power is out in the town, we have light. Some hotels we have stayed at in the past have had generators but they were so small they would only run a fan. This one keeps everything moving along. It is fascinating to move from one room to another. The 6 of us are divided into 3 bungalows so when I went to eat supper in Paul’s room (Jalynn’s AC was down) I left my room with my food, my flashlight in one hand and my umbrella in the other.

5. I have a rant that I must go through to keep my string alive regarding these blogs: if you have high speed internet and/or wireless capability; stop reading and pray to God and thank Him for such a GREAT blessing! I am just thankful that the blogs can be sent without the need of email. I still cannot access my email and the internet has been so slow I cannot even go on to Gmail to collect and send that way.

Didn’t take any pictures today and that is why nothing is below. We are all healthy and looking forward to tomorrow. We continue to give thanks to God for your care.



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