Saturday, June 16, 2012 11:00pm-5:00pm CST

Dear All:

Will make this fairly quick as it has been a long day and I want to be prepared for tomorrow. Got up at 5 and was loaded by 5:45. Because we were leaving so early there was little traffic and we made it to Bonaberi to pick Vincent and Louis. As always, Linda Bassay had boiled us a bunch of eggs and I had already prepared my bread with Chick-fil-a mayonnaise. Has some good OJ with it and thoroughly enjoyed the breakfast. The trip was long (over 9 hours) but most was on good tar road. There was a 10 – 20 mile or so of really rough road but outside of that, it went smoothly. Got my exercise in riding on that bumpy road. In the past when we have worked in Mamfe we stayed at the Hotel California (that is not a misprint). There is a new hotel, however, named Standard Hotel and that is where we are. Rooms are nice and all have A/C. We have a phone in our room that looks very nice. Doesn’t work but it looks very nice! My toilet doesn’t work, that is, it won’t fill but I have a bucket so I fill it by hand. No big deal, that is probably what you do in your house. My water in my room was not working but the guy did something and it is now on. Don’t think there is hot water but that is OK. The A/C blows on my bed so I should sleep fine as long as the electricity does not go bye-bye. In Mamfe it does on numerous occasions. You always keep your flashlight in ‘arm’s reach’. Room has plenty of closet space and I have no complaints. As I have stated so many times; we are spoiled beyond belief in the States. If you saw this room you might vomit but to a native it is very nice. Since the subject of vomiting has been broached let me explain the two pictures below: being the “Big Cheese” of this show requires great decision making skill. I made an executive decision that if you had to vomit it would be permissible (actually advisable) that you send at least your head out. If you want to keep your hands inside, no problem! We had told the preachers to meet us at 3 and we did not arrive until 3:25 and they were all here. We are working with 6 congregations which makes the scheduling somewhat difficult because of Jalynn. She, of course, cannot preach so we are going to do some swapping. Lucy Bechem, who translated for Linda several years ago, will work with Jalynn the entire time which will be a GREAT treat for both of them! After the meeting I went back to my room to start unpacking. Paul, Jalynn and myself then ate in Jalynn’s room. Vincent, Jean Claude and Louis far prefer their native food to stuff out of cans so I give them money to go and buy what they want. Paul said when we were fixin to eat that he liked virtually all kinds of food but he had one requirement; the food must be hot. Well, he is in trouble because eating out of a can is hardly what you would call hot. I had one of my famous concoctions and for those of you who have read in the past; I know that you are on the edge of your seat to find out what I had but I ain’t going to tell you. Maybe another day. I will tell you that it was deeeeeeeeeeelicious! I just saw via spell check that deeeeeeeeeeelicious is not a recognized word. How absurd!!!!!! Then came back to my room and continued to unpack. Lucy came to visit with Jalynn about the next few days and then came over to visit with me. Linda had brought her a gift and she was soooooooooooo happy. I just saw via spell check that soooooooooooo is not a recognized word. How absurd!!!!!! I think I am going to have to go into the dictionary business to straighten some people out! After she left I finished unpacking and the place looks ½ way decent; no, make that 9/16s decent! The hotel has a very nice fridge and I had them put a Coke in the freezer for me. I am drinking both Coke and Coke Light as I am trying to cut down on my Aspartame or whatever it is called. Fortunately for me I am ambidextrous so I can drink both drinks. I may end up keeping my sanity longer as my waistline expands! I bought one Nestle Crunch in Douala (a big one) so I am going to try and make it last for 3 or 4 days. For those of you who are getting this for the first time you can see why I told you that most of what I write is fluff. BTW: I have a PHD in Fluff! For the next 3 days I will be working with the church in Mamfe. I will teach Bible Class tomorrow and then preach. Tomorrow afternoon, Lord willing, I will have prospects to teach. Then we will meet for the evening worship at 5. I would ask you to pray for that but I fear that it will be Kumba before I can send this. I have network here but it is very weak and I was not able to get on the internet. By the time I get to Kumba I will probably have a gob (a gob is 3.7 bunches) of emails to look at. Be patient and I will respond. 3rd picture below gives you an idea of how they load vehicles! I am fixin to take a shower and then hit the sack. Thanks for your continued prayers. We are all doing fine and looking forward to getting to work for the Kingdom.




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