Friday, June 15, 2012 10:00pm-4:00pm CST

Dear All:

Remember yesterday when I said I would get to bed early? Would 1:36am be considered early!!!!!!!!! Am having computer problems as I have had on the last two trips. Cannot send from my Outlook so am having to use Gmail. Called GoDaddy twice last night but couldn’t get anything fixed. I want to keep everything in Outlook Files so I type in Outlook and when it doesn’t send, I go to the Outbox and cut and paste it to my Gmail.

I am rushing to try and remember what happened today as we must get up at 5 in the morning. There are only two roads to Mamfe and we found out that the bridge to Mamfe on the main road is out so we will have to travel via Bamenda. Tomorrow will be a long day but hopefully we can arrive by 4. I have to meet with the leaders of the churches we will work with so by the time tomorrow night comes, I am sure I will be ready to sleep.

Slept in this morning until 8:15. Got up and did some stuff prior to the guys arriving. Vincent came in from Muyuka at about 10. It is always good to see him and fellowship with him. Then Louis arrived and finally Jean Claude. I received disturbing news; they are redoing the road in front of the hotel and once it is finished, this part of Douala will not allow machines! What a terrible thought! I think I will write the city council. If I got a petition against it, would you sign? Took a taxi to Air France to reconfirm and then walked to the post office to get some stamps. Between Paul, Jalynn and myself we bought every postcard stamp in the main Post Office! Then went to a supermarket as we will be eating out of our boxes (suitcases) for the next 4 days. Jalynn bought a couple of things that she didn’t know anything about but she will try. They have Snickers Ice Cream Bars but I figgered that by the time we got to Mamfe they would be ‘soupy’. Hey, I’m not the director for nothing.

Got back and dumped our stuff and went and met Linda Bassay at a hamburger joint we go to. Paul was the only one to have a hamburger but the entire meal and fellowship was great. It took a long time at the restaurant as they do not fix their food fast. Actually, Paul was done before anyone got theirs and then Jean Claude and Vincent got theirs followed by Jalynn and then me and Louis (or is it Louis and me or I and Louis or Louis and I)??? Oh, Louis and I (or is it Louis and me or me and Louis or I and Louis) took a machine to the place to eat. For those of you who have not read the blogs before, a machine is what they call a motorcycle. This traffic is so bad that a machine is the only way to go as those guys really know how to maneuver in tight spots. When we got back Jalynn and Linda worked on a Sunday school class Jalynn will teach to the small children for the next two weeks. That is a nice picture of them below. After they were done Jalynn and I walked to a nearby bakery to buy some bread. I will eat mine with eggs tomorrow and she got hers because she is teaching on Jesus turning the few loaves and fishes into much. When she gets to Mamfe she will buy the fish. Then I spend an hour or so with Paul and Jalynn going over the teaching method we use to teach the gospel. Around 8 I told them they had to go because I had to do some more stuff. My goal is to be in bed by 11 and have everything packed so I am ready to go in the morning. We are all fine. Thanks for your prayres.




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