Tuesday, June 12, 2012 9:45pm-7:45pm CST

Dear All:

My 65th trip to Africa has started. I was privileged to make 23 trips to Ghana and this is #42 to Cameroon. I do not know when I will be able to send this; it may be on Wednesday from Paris or it may be Thursday in Douala. For those of you who are receiving this for the first time; don’t get overly excited. Most of what I will write is fluff (I am trying to follow in the footsteps of Teresa Blaisdell) but every once in a while I may write something of interest. I will basically share some of the happenings of the day. No matter how prepared I am; the clock always catches me. This morning I did some miscellaneous things to tie up any loose ends and I thought I was in pretty good shape. Linda was babysitting half of our grandkids today (that would be 5) plus Jose Luis ( a 3 year old who from this point on will be referred to as Charley Brown) plus his 9 year old sister, Allison. Charley Brown’s picture is below. The second picture is his entire family: Charley Brown; dad (George); Allison (shorter one); Madeline and mom (Elizabeth). I was talking to the kids about my trip and I mentioned that I would be eating on the plane. I asked them what kind of food I would be eating and Allison said: “airplane food”. That immediately brought a smile to my face. As you know, airplane food beats any fine restaurant you can find. Well, Don Fuller was supposed to pick me at 2 but he and Maria arrived at 1:45. Normally that would be OK but just as I was fixin to shut my computer down I received 4 preacher reports from Cameroon. I quickly copied them and put them in my back pack and finished responding to them a little while ago. I had a bank deposit to make and while we were at the bank I remembered that I had forgotten to email my check register to Jennifer. She is my wonderful, fantastic, beautiful, marvelous (and all that kind of stuff) daughter-in-law who takes care of my books while I am gone. Oh, as a side note; depending on your perspective she either married down or Michael married up. Well, we went back to the house as I needed internet to send her the file. We then got back on the road and still arrived in plenty of time. I have a method to my madness in leaving early for airports. Checked in with no problems and got to the gate in plenty of time. Did some reading and then boarded. Flight is about 30 minutes late which is not good. The reason is that Paul and Jalynn will arrive in Paris at 6am where I will not get in until about 10. They are going to go ahead to the hotel and I will get there as quickly as possible. We will then go downtown and pretty much go where they want to. I am going to make a concerted effort to sleep as much as possible on this flight. The electrical adapter in my seat doesn’t work so I can’t stay on the computer the whole time anyway.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012 1:35pm-6:35am CST

Never can tell how much I slept. Was not quality sleep but think I got in around 4 hours. The end of the flight was interesting. We were touching down about 20 minutes late and just before we hit the ground the pilot took us backup. Later he came on and said they had to ‘clear something’ which was probably another plane. It took about 15 minutes to circle around and try again and this time it worked. Fairly long line in Customs but once I got through it and went to the luggage carousel my bags were there. Had to walk a long way to get on an elevator that took me to where the hotel shuttle picked me up. Got to the hotel around noon and Paul and Jalynn made it safely. I have not seen them yet; spoke to Paul on the phone and he was tired so we are not going to go out until 4 or so. I am going to lay down and take about an hour nap. Thanks for all of your prayers!




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