Sunday, June 10, 2012 3:35pm – 3:35pm CST

Dear All:

Pictured below is one of my more intelligent grandchildren. His name is KB which stands for Karson Andrew. He will turn 4 on June 22. Problem is he takes after his Grandma! Oh, while I am on the subject of grandkids we got #10 in April! Well, here I am again and fixin to leave in about 50 hours. Some old things that I always say:

1. Please do not send any pictures or attachments as they take toooooooooooooo long to download. If I am on some email list of yours that forwards stuff; please delete me until I get back.

2. Please no jokes or goofy emails as I don’t have time to mess with them.

3. Please do write each day as I really like to hear from you.

There will be two others with me on this trip and it will be their maiden voyage while this is trip #65 to Africa for me. The two are Paul Wharton and Jalynn Harris. Paul is my age (which means he is a youngster) while Jalynn just turned 17 last month. I am really excited about this trip. Vincent Nsah, Louis Bassay and Jean Claude will be working with us. With the help of God, we will work with 17 congregations. From June 16-20 it is possible that I will not have internet access but I think I will. I have struggled on the last two trips in receiving direct emails from you all. Don’t stop writing, however, as I will go to Yahoo if I need to.

For those of you who have been receiving this drivel for some time, you are aware that originality is not a trait of mine so the musings from day to day may be redundant or at least; repetitive. Every once in a while I may even reiterate something! Not apologizing but simply letting you know that I know of the problem. Paul, Jalynn and myself will appreciate each prayer you send upward and we are thankful and confident in knowing that our Father will make the trip with us!

Remember; please email!

In Christ,
Jim Corner

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