Monday, February 27, 2012 11:45pm-4:45pm CST

Dear All:

Regardless of how many days of ‘rest’ I have, I am convinced that there will never be enough days prior to my leaving Cameroon. With the seminar ending in Douala this year that gave me an extra ½ day because of no travel on Saturday and then ½ of yesterday plus all of today and over ½ of tomorrow but here I am nearing midnight and stuff to do. I am not looking for sympathy, just sharing. Had a good day. Got up before 8 and prepared for a meeting at 10 with Linda Bassay and Gisele Tscfack. They are two of the sisters that teach the sisters in the villages on the French side. They believe that progress is being made and that we need to continue this work to which I concur. All of the sisters involved in this work are doing a GREAT job. A big THANK YOU goes to Louise Clement because she has been the driving force behind this ministry. After that meeting I met with Linda and Louis about a number of things. Jean Claude had went to the Post Office and was doing a few other things. We all went to lunch and had a great meal and fellowship. Among other things we shared a pizza and while it was not Pizza Hut, it was very tasty. Came back to the hotel and Louis took Richard, Lori and I downtown to the Post Office. I had to buy some postcards and get some stamps. For the first time they had a machine that stamped the cards. I was very impressed! The Bonaberi congregation has a month long VBS. It really is not a VBS but they have kids from the community and they not only teach them Bible but other things about living and staying out of trouble. In 2010 they had 28 kids and 35 last year. They are hoping for 60 this year. It is also a way to outreach to the parents of the children. They have had many who attended as a result and one direct baptism. When we came back Richard, Lori and I were on the elevator when Louis entered. Richard jumped to shake it and he commented on how the elevator shook when Louis came in. Louis said: ‘don’t shake with me and Jim in here’ to which Lori said; ‘what about me’. Louis’ quick comeback was: ‘for better or worse’! Lori, Jean Claude and Louis have been giving Richard a hard time about his weight. He actually wore a suit coat to church yesterday (early signs of ‘brain deadness’) and never buttoned it. Jean Claude said that some brethren asked him why he didn’t button it and Jean Claude said it was because of his ‘ bubble’ and then he laughed and laughed. Ever since Louis left I have been hard at it. Took time to down some Coke Light and a couple of small candy bars but I am still full from lunch. Was able to speak to my darling so everything is OK. My daughter Bapp has the flu so please pray for her. I don’t know why but Linda calls her Stephanie (don’t know where that came from). I have some more correspondence to do before I go to bed. I am working on the quotes from the evaluation sheets and hope to be able to share some of them with you tomorrow. We fly out tomorrow night but flight is not until 11:30. Will write again tomorrow before I leave and send. Then will not send the final howdy until I get back to the States. This trip has been such a blessing and your prayers had so much to do with that! Lori has an Ipad (or something like that) and has wireless capability which I do not so she gets my blogs. Was not overly pleased that I told you she ‘tossed her cookies’ yesterday. At any rate, she is doing fine as are Richard and I (or is it me).



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