Sunday, February 26, 2012 5:30pm-10:30am CST

Dear All:

First I need you to pray for me. Richard and Lori are once more forcing me to go down to the ice cream place and have ice cream and French Fries. I am trying to be a good leader and bless them but it is killing me! The combined service today was so inspirational! The attendance continues to grow; last year the number was 234 and today it was 281. Truly speaking, I don’t think we can go much higher without having people hanging out of windows and from the rafters. The singing in virtually any Cameroonian church is great but in most the number will be 70 or below. Stick 281 in one room and the worship is truly edifying. The 3rd picture below shows the audience. I fully understand that you cannot convey emotion with words. You cannot convey the way our brethren sing with words, either. There were several song leaders that took their turn and one was named Lawrence. He was wearing a suit with a long sleeve shirt. Made me hot just looking at him! One of the songs was a new one for me and it had the following phrase: “you are good to me in every circumstance”. I was forced to stop singing and contemplate these dear brethren. They cannot comprehend my house or its furnishings; no way that they could pictures my cars with A/C, cruise control and actual seat belts! They could not even dream of the health care that I have access to or the hospitals that have machines beyond their wildest imagination. These are brethren who live an existence far removed from mine and yet those who do not complain but praise God for what they have. There is a brother from Bonaberi that picked us up in his car this morning and carried us back. After the worship they fed us and it was really good. Rice, sauce, bread and meatballs along with a Fanta. They pool their money each year so they can provide this food. We could obviously pay but it is their way of saying THANK YOU. Sometimes you will work in a village and they will give you some bananas or 2 pineapples and you dare not turn them down because they are demonstrating their love. I had a meeting with Etienne Fossi who is serving the internship and will go back to Ebolowa within the next month or two. The morning was truly a glorious one!

Let me explain the other pictures: the first on the left is not a blurry or bad picture. That haze is the smoke coming from that truck. This country (as I assume with all 3rd world countries) is the environmentalist’s worse nightmare! The middle picture is simply of a car that needs a mechanic. When they break down you just leave them where they are. The picture of me is simply to let you see the gift that they gave me Friday night. It is a very beautiful shirt. The final picture is of Louis and Linda along with their daughter Renea on the left and Lori-Angela on the right. Renea is named after Renea Herberger who is the wife of the Mission’s Committee chairman of the Loveland Church of Christ that helps to support Louis and his family. Lori-Angela is named after Lori Sutton and Angela Lowe. Angela is the wife of Chris Lowe who has made 2 trips to Cameroon and is well overdue for his 3rd!

Well, it is time to call Richard and Lori and get the suffering out of the way. Will only have 2 scoops of ice cream! Oh, Lori got sick yesterday at the Wood Market and threw up but it was only a temporary bug because she has felt fine all today. She taught 50+ children this morning! We all appreciate your continued prayers.


Jim Corner


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