Saturday, February 25, 2012 7:45pm-12:45pm CST

Dear All:

Today was both a relaxing and profitable day. Slept in till 9 as I did not have a meeting until noon. Originally it had been scheduled for 11 but Jean Claude called last night and it had to be moved back. I had notes I needed to type up from some of the meetings I had had in the past few days so my time was filled until it was time to go to the hall. Climbed a machine and was going along with little traffic (little is a relative term) and the driver noticed that up ahead the traffic was not moving so he did a quick u-turn (I think he looked) and then started crossing the traffic and darting between machines and taxis. The drivers here have turned ‘dodging’ into an art form. We then went a ways with little traffic but then it got heavy again. For a while we rode on the median and then we got off and would slither between trucks, taxis and other machines. I got there at about 11:55 and no one was there. Surprise, surprise! The door to the hall was unlocked so I went inside, opened the shutters and arranged the chairs. We got started around 12:30. We were discussing two things: first the village work in the villages of Kake and Njombe that Cite de le paix (City of Peace) is involved in. This is Jean Claude’s congregation. Overall, the work is going well and I was very pleased with what I heard. Below are the guys in the meeting from l-r: Cyprian, Jean Claude, Solomon and Herman. The second aspect of the meeting dealt with the internship of Etienne Fossi. He has been working with CDLP for the past 6 months and will remain for 2 more months and then return to Ebolowa. Then the other preacher there will come to Douala for the same internship. We are trying to determine who is best suited for Ebolowa and what needs to be done with the other man. I will meet with Etienne tomorrow following the combined worship. Jean Claude and I then came back to the hotel and went out to lunch with Richard and Lori. We then went to the wood market and I got a few things that Linda had ordered me to get, er, ask me to get! Came back and have been working most of the evening although Richard did come down and we visited for over an hour. Looking forward to the combined worship of the 4 Douala congregations. I am going to teach the adult Bible class and Richard will have the sermon. Thanks for your continued prayers.


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