Thursday, February 23, 2012 9:45pm-2:45pm CST

Dear All:

We got home early tonight and I thought I would have a bunch of extra time but I ended up visiting with Richard and Lori and downloading a bunch of pictures and doing some other things and here it is already 9:45 and I still need to call Linda, finish this blog and take a shower. As you can see, I got a bunch of pictures today. Top left is the ladies class that I took on top of the hotel. Next is the entire Douala seminar. Next is Richard’s class; notice how well they pay attention. Next two try to give an idea of the traffic but it is even more exciting. You can see the machines riding on the median and the light pole. Next is Lori and Daniel. She said tomorrow that she will ask Daniel if she can drive! Finally is a picture of the bottom where the church hall is and the path the machine has to climb to get to the street. As you can see, there is not much room for error.

OK, day began normally (status quo) as I prepared for the morning. No rain today but a bunch of heat. Got a taxi quickly to the hotel and while we were downstairs (the sister’s meet on the 2nd floor) Jean Claude came in so Richard and I got machines and made it to the hall about 15 minutes early. Attendance was a bit down today. 47 men as compared to 52 last year; 38 women as compared to 35 last year and 63 in the afternoon compared to 68 last year. Richard’s class went well. His concepts are new to these men and some are picking them up while others are struggling. He is really doing a GREAT job! During his class I took a machine over to the ladies place and past out the evaluation sheets and went over them. Took pictures and bought them all a Coke. They really enjoy that and I always tell them not to tell the men (hoping that they do tell the men)! During Richard’s class one of the groups did not meet the desired requirements and Richard thanked the brother and he said: “Why are you thanking me?” to which Richard replied: “I am thanking you for your effort.” We got a machine home and fortunately today the traffic was heavy again! We ate in Richard and Lori’s room and they enjoy me food so much that they snapped a picture of my plate! Lori wants some of my recipes and Richard can hardly wait to eat them. I will give you my one Douala recipe today: take one can of corn, one can of peas, one can of Tuna, 3 pieces of sausage, 14 Regular Pringles (grinded up), Salisbury steak and mashed potatoes: then mix them all up and serve at room temperature. Note: do not heat as that removes much of the flavor. Got a taxi back to the hall and my class went well. We are in Romans 9-11 today and tomorrow which can be somewhat difficult. Afterwards we got a taxi back and as you can see below, the traffic was quite heavy. While I was down visiting Richard and Lori she was not on her best behavior. Will not go into details but she needs to be more careful regarding her social graces. Richard and I are very refined and she is a bit rough around the edges. Looking forward to our last day of the seminar tomorrow. We are doing well and ask for your continued prayers.



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