Wednesday, February 22, 2012 8:40pm – 1:40pm CST

Dear All:

The days continue to go well. We had 49 men today which was 3 more than the same time last year; 51 women which was 16 more than last year and 86 in the afternoon which was 18 more than last year. Richard, Lori and I are all pleased with our classes. In Richard’s class they were working on developing an objective for a Discipleship ministry and they did a great job! The picture on the left below is of one of the students putting their statement on the board. Louis (the one of the right) is translating into English from French. Richard said that these men were grasping the concepts much better than the brethren in Kumba. Lori also was highly pleased with her class. Oh, this morning we were greeted with rain and cool temperatures. After we dumped Lori at the hotel for her class we had to take a taxi (what a bummer) to the hall. The rain slowed the men down in coming on time so Richard had to start about 30 minutes late. He has been ahead of schedule and was able to make up so more ground by giving no breaks as they usually have. The men did not mind one bit. We were able to take our adventuresome ride back to the hotel on machines but unfortunately, the rain (I am guessing) slowed down the amount of traffic so we didn’t get to weave, dodge and avoid as many vehicles as usual. My driver is named Martin and he wears a helmet (very rare) and a sock hat underneath (you know, the type you wear in really cold weather). Then he had a long sleeved coat on with a woolen long sleeved shirt underneath! Had a relaxing break and headed back for the church hall at 2:30. Traffic going back was interesting and busy so we only made it by a couple of minutes. I have been very pleased with my class. They ask a lot of questions and most of them are on topic although they do veer from time to time. The trip back was also very congested and I missed the ease of a machine. I was very tired when I got back but I have been constantly working and my energy is returning. I forgot to tell you the other day that the brethren from the North missed their train and had to scatter to take a bus. From Garoua to Ndongere is 3 hours; from Ngondere to Bertoua is 6 hours; from Bertoua to Yaoundé is 7 hours and from Yaoundé to Douala is another 4 hours. The actual time difference between the bus and the train is not much. However, on the bus they are scrunched the entire time on roads that are not very good.

I had forgotten to send you some of the quotes from the evaluation sheets in Kumba. Below is a small sampling:

1. You people are doing a wonderful work! Your payment will be in Heaven. I pray that God should continue to give you more years so that you can feed us spiritually.

2. She is very good at teaching to our level of understanding. She is kind, loving and patient.

3. Sister Lori: God bless you for your helpful message.

4. I am grateful as you have helped me learn to teach children.

5. The seminar was very good for me, especially the women’s seminar. It helped me learn how to teach children at home and at the church hall.

6. Thank you for coming all the way from USA. May God continue to bless, strengthen and protect you.

7. We need more seminars to help us build a stronger church in Cameroon. We are grateful for the food money but what we need the most is spiritual food.

8. You (speaking about Richard Sutton) are a teacher that is helping us to grow as preachers, leaders and Christians.

9. The lesson is not easy to grasp at once but with time we shall master it because of the excellent way in which Brother Sutton is teaching.10. I have seen that the seminar is good and find that it teaches us how to teach our children and how to live a Christian life.

10. Please kindly ask brethren in your congregations to pray for us. Please thank them for their collective effort to help us.

We are all doing well. Thanks for your continued prayers.

Jim Corner


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