Tuesday, February 21, 2012 9:20pm-2:20pm CST

Dear All:

Thanks to all of you who have been praying for Linda. She made it through the first stage of her root canal with no problems. Still several more steps to go. Each trip of mine has to have me talk about the traffic. Now Lori had written a machine in Kumba and thought that was exciting but she hadn’t seen anything until she rode here. Jean Claude had told us yesterday (I may have already shared this) that the traffic was so bad at lunch time that a taxi just couldn’t get us there in time and that Lori would be OK. We had 3 brothers who took each of us. Today when Richard got on the back of his machine I heard both the tires and shocks cry out in pain! I would give anything to be able to convey with words the traffic. It is even worse now because half of the street is being worked on. That means that you have two-way traffic on a 1 ½ lane road! The good thing about the machine is that you can climb sidewalks (not nearly as nice as an American sidewalk), you can ride down the median which is really exciting when you come up to a pole in the middle of the median and just enough room to maneuver around it. When the cars get heavy then you simply move in and out. It gives an entirely new meaning to the word “weave”. I never fear, however, because these guys know what they are doing. Ok, here is the day. Got up at normal time and did regular stuff to get prepared. Nothing that exotic but things that have to be done. I get the money ready the night before as we feed all of the brethren each day. Also, the hotel where the sisters meet is several miles from the church hall so we also provide their transport. Richard’s class went well; a second day that I did not have to run errands so I was able to stay in the entire time. I have two pictures below of his class. We had 48 men which was the same number as last year. Had 39 women which was 6 more than last year and 85 in the afternoon class which was 17 higher than last year. Do not expect these numbers to fluctuate all that much in the next few days. Then we had our adventure on the machines and ate lunch in their room. Lori says that she loves my concoctions and wants me to give her some recipes. When Terry Harlow says he wants to barf when he looks at my plate he is simply envious. My class this afternoon went well. It is warmer here than in Kumba because of the humidity. After my class we got in a taxi and came back to the hotel. Richard and Lori overrode my veto so we had to go and get some ice cream. I went kicking and screaming the entire way. One thing that I am sure all of you know is that French fries are great dipped in ice cream! I have a few other things to do and will hit the sack. The Lord continues to bless us and we appreciate your prayers so much.


Jim Corner

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