Monday, February 20, 2012 8:35pm-1:35pm CST

Dear All:

You should receive this soon. My wife will have her root canal done at 4 today and she is nervous. Please pray that the Lord will give her peace and guide the dentist. Thanks!

Had a good day. Unlike Kumba, the numbers are roughly the same as last year. In 2011 the men numbered 41 and they were only 37 today. The women numbered 33 last year and they were 38 today. The afternoon last year was 71 and today it was 65. Obviously, while we like to see big numbers the real test of the success of the seminar is what the brethren do with it once they get back home. Got up at 6:40 and prepared for the day. We always go a bit early on day #1 to make sure everything is set. Richard, Lori and I took a taxi to the LeWatt Hotel where the women meet. They get a room with A/C and the men are jealous. They want me to let them have the room for one day but I know once they were inside they would ‘pull rank’ and the sisters would never meet A/C again! Jean Claude arrived about 8:30 so Richard and I got on machines and went to the church hall. The first day is always fun when we arrive as I get to see so many that I have known for a long time. I actually did not have to run any errands this morning so was able to sit in Richard’s class all morning. It went well although it is hard on the first few days to truly get a gauge on how the men are understanding the material. What is more; how will they be able to implement the discipleship strategy or plan. Lori said her class went well. At lunch we knew they were doing road work and a taxi would take a long time. Jean Claude suggested that we take machines so there are 3 brothers that carried us. Lori had the ride of her life! The machines ride on concrete medians, go against the traffic if that will help them, ride on sidewalks, run red lights and basically maneuver in and out of traffic as they see best. There is no way to paint you a picture of the traffic. The drivers, however, are excellent and I never feel the slightest fear. We went across the street to a hamburger joint. The food is good but you wait about 30 minutes or so after you have ordered to get your food. By the time we got back to the hotel it was almost time to head back to the hall. We got a taxi going back and made good time and arrived around 2:40. We began with opening stuff at 2:45 and I began my class at 3. I was laying some groundwork today because of the level of dogmatism that the brethren have. I was pleased with my class and look forward to the next 4 days. Oh, during Richard’s class it rained quite hard for about 30 minutes. I may have told you last week but we have seen far more rain this February than any previous February. I have been doing misc stuff tonight and am fixin to take a shower. We are all well and looking forward to tomorrow. I took no pictures today but hopefully I will have some tomorrow. Thanks for your continued prayers.

Jim Corner

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