Sunday, February 19, 2012 10:00pm-3:00pm CST

Dear All:

The day has flown by. Please keep my wife in prayer as she will be having a root canal tomorrow afternoon at 4. From time to time I have people talk about the sacrificial nature of this work and at times, we do have to make sacrifices. For example, tonight Richard wanted for us to go and have ice cream. As with last week, once he got there he truly wanted French fries. Well, Lori and I had ice cream and Richard ordered fries. Well, the girl thought we each wanted an order so I had to make a sacrifice and help Lori eat some of her fries. Didn’t really want to but I forced myself. I don’t know what kind of ice cream it was because I just pointed at two different kinds but they were good whatever they were.

I got up at 6:40 this morning and prepared for the morning worship. Julien is the preacher at Dakar and he came and fetched me on a machine. He and I went with the driver on the one machine. None of us is exactly small (although I am slim) but we fit fine and made the trip with no problems. It is only about 15 minutes. Traffic is light on Sunday and we were able to run a couple of red lights. The machines only pay attention to traffic lights if there is traffic. It reminds me of a driver we had in Ghana named George. We were in a certain town and each day George would blow by a stop sign. Finally I said to him: “George, doesn’t that say stop?” to which he replied, ‘it means look’. I taught both Bible class and sermon. Attendance was about 50 in a small building that you can see below. The smallness of the structure only intensifies the sound of the singing. After worship I climbed another machine back to the hotel. Richard and Lori got stuck in Bonaberi for an extra hour or so. You see, the driver who took them had said it would be 1,500 (don’t get excited; that is about $3.19) one way and for them to give him 2,000 and he would collect the balance when he took them back. Well, you don’t do that. You pay the driver nothing in the morning and that guarantees he will return. As it is, he ‘ate’ the 500 and never showed so they had to get another vehicle. Richard and Lori had eaten at Bonaberi as Linda Bassay had prepared food for them. Lori was a bit uneasy so she did not eat a bunch but both are still in the land of the living so everything is OK. When they got back they came to my room and ate with me. Primarily they ate Haagen-Dazs but also had some candy! I set a good example by eating a healthy meal. Won’t get into any details except to say it was deeeeeeeeeeeeeelicious! The picture of Lori below is the dress she wore to church. It had been given to her on a previous trip and as you can see they put plenty of cloth into the dress! I had a bunch of paperwork to do this afternoon as once the seminar begins other stuff will take my attention. Terry Harlow was gracious enough to give us name tags and the brethren really like them. It is a job to get them untangled and that is a picture below of Richard and Lori helping me. Jean Claude called about an hour ago and the brethren from the North finally arrived. We have funded 15 of them coming due to the generosity of many. I am going to take a shower and do a few other things and hit the sack. We are all well and look forward to beginning tomorrow. Lord willing, I will send you some of the comments from the evaluation sheets in Kumba tomorrow. I don’t want to write so much that I bore you and you stop reading.


Jim Corner

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