Saturday, February 18, 2012 5:30pm-10:30am CST

Dear All:

We are safely in Douala. You know, the life of a missionary is really tough. I am in a nice hotel with an A/C that is brutal, Coke Light in the Fridge as well as a bunch of other stuff. I have Ben & Jerry’s (yes, THE Ben & Jerry’s) in the freezer. Richard and Lori have Haagen-Dazs in their freezer! Please pray that we will be able to survive the difficulties we are dealing with!

Got up at 6:40 and hoped to get away by 7:30 and we did. A sister named Catherine cooked eggs for us so we dined in pleasure on the bus. Jean Claude had purchased bread for us last night and with the Mars Bars we were in good shape. The trip was about 3 ½ hours and I spent almost all of it reading evaluation forms. The windows were down so it was interesting to try and keep the papers in one place. We stopped along the road and got some bananas. There was a spider on one of them and Lori was not happy. Jean Claude said that it would be no bother and that he was his friend. Well, Lori was buying his story so Jean Claude dispensed of him outside. I still have to read Richard’s and then I will give you some of them. The picture of the veranda below shows 3 groups of sisters during the seminar. When they were in class there were sisters outside because they could not fit everyone inside. We are starting to think about a different venue for next year. Oh, the second picture below shows the progressive nature of technology in Cameroon. The young man in the picture is named Henry and he is walking around with an I pad or some such contraption and videoing the seminar. After we arrived in Douala Jean Claude went home and the 3 of us went down to a local grocery store to buy just a few things. I primarily wanted to get Coke Lights in my refrigerator as soon as possible. We then went to a bigger store to buy things for the next week. We will do as we did in Kumba and alternate eating in our rooms or a restaurant. We will be having things like burgers, fries, rice, spaghetti and chicken for the most part. Jean Claude’s favorite food is fish and he loves the head! I ended up walking to the store three times because I kept forgetting things. It is only a ¼ of a mile so no big deal. You do notice the heat here more because of the humidity. We are going to go out and eat tonight and then prepare for tomorrow. I will be speaking at Dakar and Richard and Lori will go to Bonaberi. We are all doing well. Thank you for your continued prayers.


Jim Corner

One Response to Howdy

  1. Carolyn Moore says:

    Hi Brother Jim,
    So glad to know yall hardships are putting yall in such a wonderful way!!!!!! Sound like yall are in good hands with Haagen Dais Icecream, Hamburgers, Spaghetti, and all that good stuff!!!!!!
    Glad yall are in a nice hotel with AC!!!! May The Good Lord continue to bless yall with a wonderful trip!!! Tell Brother Jean-Claude I said hello and to take care of himself!!!
    We love you and miss you!!!!

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