Thursday, February 16, 2012 9:40pm-2:40pm CST

Dear All:

“Another Great Day” would be redundant so instead I will be repetitive and say it was “Another Great Day”! The day began as all others and the early morning went smoothly. We took a taxi to the building and they dropped me at a copy place so I could have copies made of the Evaluation Forms. About 50 minutes later I walked the ½ mile to the place and collected them and walked back. Richard’s class went well. One of the gauges we use regarding the success of the seminar is Jean Claude as he has a good pulse on the brothers and sisters. He says this has been a really good seminar. I had to go back to the hotel to get some notes for a meeting I was having with some of the sisters who teach the village seminars. It went very well and then I hopped a machine with a brother named Francis. He had carried Lori earlier and I mentioned the driver the day before who said she was shaking. He agreed and said that she jumped when he honked his horn. Lori was delighted with her class once again. Oh, I was wrong yesterday about peaking. Today the men numbered 120 and the sisters 100. The afternoon class was 189 and all of these are all-time highs. The number in Douala will be much less as there are far fewer congregations and leaders. My class went well as we were in Romans 9 which is not the easiest text in the world. The sister I mentioned yesterday who needed 3 units of blood had the surgery today. She needed 2 more and will possible need more tomorrow. The patient has to pay for the blood and if the type is wrong, she still has to pay. Over here there is no surgery or seeing a doctor without all of the money up front. Took a taxi back to the hotel and he went the wrong direction. Fortunately, I know where to go so I guided him. Had another GREAT supper at the hotel restaurant. As you have been able to see, we alternate between eating in our rooms and the hotel. I still have a number of preacher reports that I need to look at and still some other stuff. Hope to get to bed within the next 2 hours.

Life here is really no different than America. Let me prove that:

1. Each night I put my small water bottle in the freezer about ½ full so that in the morning I can fill it and have cold water all morning. Just like you!

2. I am enthroned each day on a ‘toilet seat’ free seat. Just like you!

3. I turn off my A/C when I am not so that the unit will not freeze up. Just like you!

4. I shower at night so that the water that has gotten all over the floor will be gone by the morning. Just like you!

5. I brush my teeth and rinse with water straight from the bottle rather than the tap. Just like you!

6. I take my own Ketchup to the restaurant table since they don’t provide any. Just like you!

I could go on and on but this small list is sufficient.

Oh, the pictures below are the entire group on the left and the area preachers on the right. We all continue to do well and solicit your continued prayers.


Jim Corner

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