Wednesday, February 15, 2012 8:00pm-1:00pm CST

Dear All:

Another great day! Men’s class was 110, women’s was 96 and afternoon was 174. History says that we have peaked and that the attendance will probably be about the same tomorrow with a slight drop off on Friday. Richard’s class is on how to develop a Discipleship Strategy for your congregation. This type of thinking is new to most of the brethren and you can see them struggling. They are, however, working hard and tomorrow we expect to see more progress. Another difficulty is that the level of education is much broader in Kumba than in Douala. Lori was exceptionally pleased with the sister’s today who made presentation of how to teach a children’s class. Both men and women are divided into groups and I have some pictures below. The last picture is of the men’s class this morning. I was actually able to stay in Richard’s class all morning except for the time I took to go over and take pictures of the sisters. We came back to the hotel and had lunch in Richard and Lori’s room. It was REALLY good! Oh, Lori mentioned today how good the airplane food was coming over. She came down and typed some emails that I then convert to send via Gmail. My class went well this afternoon. I spent the first hour talking about how to understand Scripture and how to avoid fighting over minor issues. Critical thinking is not one of their strengths and I am doing my best to help them learn how to think for themselves. It rained again during the afternoon session. I do not ever remember seeing this much rain in February. Oh, we took machines back to the hall this afternoon and the driver told Lori that she had been shaking the machine. She told him that it was only her 3rd time to ride and he said he could tell! She says she really enjoys them. I did some snacking tonight and visited with Jean Claude for a while. I called Linda and got to speak to Jose Luis. Linda is going to have to have a root canal and she is apprehensive so please pray for her. I know it will go well but she is still a bit concerned. We are all feeling well and look forward to another day. Thanks for your continued prayers.



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