Tuesday, February 14, 2012 9:00pm-2:00pm CST

Dear All:

I have not taken any pictures since Sunday so will do so tomorrow and have some for you to see. Attendance was great once again today. Men’s class was 113 as opposed to 95 last year; women’s was 93 as opposed to 70 last year and afternoon was 170 compared with 144 last year. Obviously, numbers alone do not tell the story but we are nevertheless encouraged. Here is the day:en

Began at 7:15; I do not eat breakfast and I shower at night so I can sleep a bit longer. My Neurologist had told me to get more sleep anyway so I have been taking his advice. I always still have many things to do in the morning so I do not have time to get on the computer. We left at 8:30 and arrived in plenty of time. Actually I had them drop me on the way to make copies of the itinerary for the seminar next year and then walked the balance of the way to the church hall. I still was early and they were singing. A lot of singing and praying before and between sessions. Richard’s class went well and I was able to stay until 11. I had to get back to the hotel to prepare for a meeting with two village preachers at noon. As many of you know, we have a number of preachers that go out on weekends and work with a specific congregation. Our goals are long-term as we hope to mature children into faithful adults so that when they leave the village for the city, the church will be strengthened. The two brothers that I met with are doing a fine job. I then took a machine back to the hotel for a short break. Ate ½ of a Twix, some Cashews and a Coke Light. We headed back to the hall at 2:45 and was still 5 minutes early. Oh, we all took machines. I think Lori is ‘house broken’ or something like that. In the announcements before my class Jean Claude said there was a sister who was fixin to have surgery and she needed 3 units of blood and the brethren needed to give. Well, 3 volunteered and went down and gave the blood! My class went well. I was in Romans 7 where Paul speaks of wanting to do good but not doing so, etc and having all kinds of problems. Well, I believe that that is Paul before he became a Christian while the dominant thought here (and probably in America) is that it is Paul as a Christian. I certainly would not be dogmatic about the text as it is not an easy one. For the most part I had no problems except for one brother that should copyright the term: hard head. This guy takes a backseat to no one when it comes to dogmatism. He believes, for example, that unity and uniformity are one and the same. He actually believes that every congregation in the entire world should have the same order of worship! This is the dry season and while my class was on it began to rain so hard that I had to stop because I could not be heard. When we got ready to come back to the hotel it was still raining and a brother gave us a lift in his car. Ate in the hotel restaurant again and the food is absolutely marvelous! We had a good time visiting and then Richard and Lori came up to my room. Richard and I visited while Lori pecked away on the keyboard. I will do a few other things, take a shower, call Linda and wish her a Happy Valentine’s Day and then hit the sack. We are all doing well. Thanks for your continued prayers.


Jim Corner

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