Monday, February 13, 2012 8:20pm-1:20pm CST

Dear All:

Had a GREAT first day. The men’s class this morning had 103 where last year it was 73. The ladies had 67 and last year it was 52. The afternoon class had 163 today as opposed to 130 today. Jean Claude said the attendance was so high because Denis Asikpo has been announcing it at all the church meetings for some months. Morning began at 6:45. Had to leave a bit early for the hall so I did not even check email this morning. We walked down the street (about ½ mile) and got a taxi and arrived at the hall by 8:20. We have name tags that Terry Harlow supplied and it took a while to assemble them. It was a joy to see so many brethren that I have known over the years. I missed much of Richard’s class because I was doing errands. Have to hope a machine and come back to the hotel to collect more workbooks and pens. I always enjoy riding machines so I am happy to do whatever I can. Richard was happy with his class. Lori is afraid that some of her material is over some of the women’s heads. The differential in education is much more pronounced on the English side than on the French. At noon we came back to the hotel and ate in Richard and Lori’s room. For those of you who have been receiving my emails for some time you are aware that I always give you one new recipe for your culinary delight. Here goes: take a container of Hormel Meatloaf and Mashed Potatoes and gravy; one can of corn, one can of Spam with bacon flavor and Paprika Pringles. Mix all together and enjoy a true delight. We will eat in the restaurant tomorrow but I am already looking forward to a new dish I will prepare on Wednesday. Took a machine back to the hall (will write more about it below) and my class started at 3. This is a challenging class (Romans) because there are some concepts that all of the brethren have not been taught in the past. Some of them are terribly dogmatic so it is interesting to teach and see how they are grappling with the Scriptures. I was very happy with my class. We then got a taxi back and Richard and Lori came to my room. Lori to send emails on my computer and Richard to visit. Jean Claude will be coming down soon as I will give him the money to wire to the brethren in the North. Many brethren and congregations contributed so that they could come to the seminar in Douala. They will take a 4 hour bus ride followed by a 14 hour train ride followed by another 4 hour bus ride! I made that trip back in October so I understand it better than I would like! Electricity has been on all day and I pray that will continue. I am going to fix a small supper, take a shower and then hit the sack.

Here are some miscellaneous items that you might find interesting (or not):

1. Coming home tonight in the taxi it was raining and my window was down. The driver handed me the crank to roll my window up. There is only one crank for all four doors which is all you need.

2. As I have stated before, the native English is called Pidgeon (don’t know if that is the correct spelling or not). It is an economical language with much fewer words. Today when I went back to the hotel I wanted the driver to wait on me so I simply said to him: “wait small”.

3. Monday is always a travel day for the seminar so the morning attendance grows by the hour as people arrive. For example, we had 60 in Richard’s class at 9:30 and 87 @11:15 and 103 at noon.

4. Last night at supper Jean Claude was talking about his dad. At the dinner table they always had an empty chair to represent God’s presence. No one could sit in that chair. If a visitor came his dad would get out another chair.

5. Let me tell you about Lori riding on a machine. We were having trouble finding a taxi and I told her that she could ride on the same machine with Richard which was fine with her. Just as they were about to climb Richard said she could ride by herself so she climbed her own machine. He was laughing at her as she was somewhat nervous. We arrived, however, with no problems. He may be sleeping on the floor tonight!

We are doing well and appreciate your prayers so much. Please pray for Ada Hall and James Adcock. Ada is the mother of one of our members at Buckingham Road and has a bleeding problem of some kind. James is a member at BR who has problems with Dialysis and is in the hospital.



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