Friday, February 10, 2012 10:00pm – 3:00pm CST

Dear All:

If you enjoy traveling then let me know and I will try and find a good psychiatrist for you! You may wonder why I would think this way since I travel so much. It is not because I enjoy living out of a suitcase but I love what happens when I arrive at my destination. Here are a few thoughts and then I will take you through the day:

1. If you have been reading my musings for some time you have heard me speak highly of ‘high speed’ internet. I was about to commit “Harry Carey” and I have always been a Cardinal and Cub fan! At any rate, I am still unable to send email but just when I was fixin to pull my hair out I remembered my dear friend, Bob Deister. I have now sent the emails via Gmail.

2. Richard and Lori were really struggling with the cold in their room yesterday and last night. There is a thermostat but Richard isn’t the brightest guy in the world and he figured the lower the number the higher the temperature. Well, after we had a discussion I think they will be more comfortable tonight.

3. I have another problem that will go away as soon as I leave this hotel. You see, my refrigerator (not freezer) freezes my Coke Lights! I have to take them out from time to time so I can drink them. The water in my fridge froze solid and started to expand the bottle but I think I rescued the bottles just in time. I hope you all are having a lot of sympathy for us!

Here is the day:

Slept like a rock last night. Alarm woke me at 8 with Jean Claude due at 9:30. I took a nice shower and got on the internet and did a few things. Louis had called and needed to come over to get some money for a bunch of copies he will make for us. Jean Claude arrived promptly at 9:50 and I exclaimed: ‘my watch must be broken’ to which he replied: ‘yes, you need to throw that watch’. We would say ‘throw away’ but they are more economical with words. Richard, Lori, Jean Claude and I hopped into a taxi and went to a grocery store. As always, we will eat some meals in the hotel restaurant and eat in our rooms some. We will basically alternate days. I really didn’t but much because I will get some stuff in Kumba. Did get the essentials (Mars Bars, Snickers and Coke Light). After some visiting we went to lunch. You need to have a lot of time for lunch because the restaurants do not get in a hurry. We were going to need Ketchup and usually this place has none so we go next door to a small store and buy some. Well, I went down and they were out so I walked to another store and they were out so I finally walked to a big store and they had it. I was gone about 25 minutes but the food was not even close to being ready when I returned. I then came back to the hotel and did a bunch of stuff. Richard wanted to know if I would take them to an Ice Cream store at 6:30 and being the nice, sacrificial guy that I am said sure. We went down and Lori and I got ice cream and that goofball got French Fries and a Sprite! Got a taxi back and have been doing various stuff. Oh, earlier we went to the top of the hotel where you can get a good view of the city. Two of the pictures I took are below. The one on the right shows a typical road in Douala. Everything is basically packed and we plan to leave around 7:30 in the morning. Linda Bassay will have prepared Hard Boiled eggs for us (my Linda loves them) and I bought some bread today and have my Chick-fil-A mayonnaise so I am ready. Looking forward to going to Kumba. Tomorrow afternoon we are going to village the orphanage. We are all doing well. Thanks for your prayers and your emails.



P.S.: Oh, tomorrow the internet will begin to crawl as I will have to use my slow modem. Please pray for my sanity. Fortunately I am the antithesis of Teresa Blaisdell regarding that matter. Don’t worry about her getting mad because she has no idea of what I just said!


One Response to Howdy

  1. Carolyn Moore says:

    Hi Brother Jim,
    So glad you made it safely!!! You just really crack me up!!!!! Tell Jean-Claude I said hello and all the rest of the gang!!!!
    I showed Skyla the pictures you sent with this post. I told her in Africa, there are no stop signs or red lights, people just DRIVE!!!!
    You just make everything sound so “smooth sailing!!!!”, talking about icecream, coke light, french fries, sprite, and candy bars, sounds real AMERICAN to me!!!!
    We are praying for you all to have a wonderful and blessed trip to all the different places that yall go and The Holy Trinity will be glorified in all yall do!!!!
    Look forward to your next post!!! Thank you for putting the directions in the bulletin for us to follow. It worked our perfectly for me so your brilliant daughter in law Jennifer didn’t have to help me.
    Your beautiful wife Linda is doing wonderful. We had a Movie Nite at Ellen’s house Friday nite and we had a GREAT TIME!!!! We really enjoyed ourselves!!!! We didn’t keep her out too late!!!
    Until next time, Lord willing,
    Love to all,

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