Wednesday, February 08, 2012 12:50pm

Dear All:

It is my prayer that the Lord is richly blessing you. I am very late in sending this first HOWDY. I am leaving for the Dallas airport in 1 hour! Most of you are aware through other emails that there is a country wide strike in France that is impacting Air France. Yesterday about ½ of their flights were canceled. The strike started on Monday and goes through tomorrow. The Paris-Douala flight was canceled on Monday and Wednesday but flew yesterday so my travel agent seems to think it will fly tomorrow. If not, we will cross that bridge when we come to it. Please pray that nothing will impede the seminar and that the Lord will bless all of those who are traveling.

Several things that I always tell you:

1. Please do not send any pictures or attachments as they take toooooooooooooo long to download.

2. Please no jokes or goofy emails as I don’t have time to mess with them.

3. Please do write each day as I really like to hear from you.

There will be three of us: the others are Richard and Lori Sutton. Richard preaches for the Linder Road Church of Christ in Meridian, ID and has been there 10 years. This will be his 8th trip with me (maybe more). This will be Lori’s 4th trip. We solicit your daily prayers. You should be receiving the next blog either Thursday or Friday. Oh, the three cute kids below are a 1/3rd of our grandkids. From left to right it is Will, KB and Cy. They belong to our daughter Bapp and her husband, Dean.

In Christ,

Jim Corner






One Response to Pre-Howdy

  1. rtblaisdell says:

    My one and only comment…will be praying for you all. And, Will sure has gotten tall!

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