Next To Last Howdy

Thursday November 3, 2011 10:30am-4:30am CST

Dear All:

I will write this ‘Next To Last Howdy’ in 2 installments and send it before I leave for the airport tonight. That is the plan at least. I will then write the FINAL HOWDY in several installments and send it from my house on Friday or Saturday. It is now approximately 136,817 seconds before I see Linda! I will see my son-in-law before then because he is picking me up at the airport but with all due respect, he is not in Linda’s league! I hope he does not see this before he comes to pick me or I may be walking home. I am meticulous in my packing (comes from being an overly neat person which all who know me can attest to) so it takes me longer than many. The next time I will see a bed will be in about 42 hours so I was hoping that I would sleep till at least 9 this morning but I woke up before 7 and could not go back to sleep. Jean Claude is at the hospital and is feeling better. Please understand that when an African is at the hospital it is not the same as in the States. That is where the doctors are so if they are going to see a doctor they have to go to a hospital. Last February I had to go as I had some problems and it tickled me that there were about 20 hearses lined up outside the hospital! I guess all businesses hope for plenty of business! I have been reading notes from CDLP regarding both the internship of Fossi Etienne and the hope of the printing operation. Have checked email and written many. I have a few things I want to give to Gisele so she will be over directly. Louis will soon follow and we will go out to eat. To my knowledge, all errands are caught up with so the balance of the day should be slow. I will take a shower this afternoon so I will be ‘fresh’ for my journey to the airport. Don’t exactly know why I do that since I will be sweating once I get outside. Thankfully I have a pleasant odor that I discharge so people like to be around me even when the perspiration is flowing. That is all for now.

4:00pm-10:00am CST

Had a luscious hamburger for lunch. Don’t you love spellcheckers? I did not know exactly how to spell luscious but knew I could get close enough that the spell checker would know what I was after and it did. Went down to a grocery store and bought some candy and Oreos for Louis’ kids. Have dispersed everything and am now waiting to leave. Jean Claude got back from the hospital and he has to go back tomorrow to repeat his blood work. They had not told him he was supposed to fast and he ate breakfast. Once the technician starting looking at the blood he saw the bits of eggs and bacon in the blood and knew that Jean Claude had eaten. I think there was also a residue of grits. I plan on leaving for the airport at 6 with the flight scheduled to depart at 11:30. I NEVER miss airplanes; especially the ones that are headed for Linda. Below is a picture of the Two Stooges. I only consented to take the picture because the trip is over and if the camera got broken I would still be OK. You should get this immediately and then wait with baited breath (Teresa will not find that hard to do) for my Final Howdy. Jean Claude is feeling better right now. He says there is a possibility that the surgery could be moved up but he won’t know until he pays. Here you pay 100% up front or you stay home.

In Christ,
Jim Corner


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