Wednesday, November 02, 2011 9:30pm-3:30pm CST

Dear All:

This was a GREAT day and primarily because of tonight. I will go into deal below. Will see Linda in about 158,400 seconds! She is such a good girl and truly is as vital to this mission as I am (actually, more vital). Without her willingness to sacrifice this could never take place. It has been both a relaxing and profitable day. I was hoping to sleep until 8 but woke up at 6:45 and my mind would not stop working. That is just one of many ways in which Teresa Blaisdell and I differ. Her reliable husband says that her mind is never working! At any rate, I got up and started to work on the computer. I also finished packing a bag that I leave with Jean Claude. It has many things that I do not use in the States so he ‘babysits’ it. Yesterday the hotel said they were sending a technician to check on the fact that the internet was not working but they never did. This morning they did send a man and he fixed it fairly easily. Something about my settings (that is what I thought it was all the time) were not set on Automatic so he changed it. He says that when I get back to the States it will not need to be changed and I hope he is correct. However, this afternoon it stopped working again so I am back on my modem. Jean Claude and I went to the bank and to the Post Office. Actually, I went to the P.O. while he was at the bank (they are only about ¼ mile apart). I love crossing streets here because it demonstrates my quick reflexes. Also, the hotel has two elevators which almost always work. The operative words are almost always. At any rate both were down so we have to climb stairs. I am thankful that I am both young and strong as it is no problem for me. They finally fixed one of the elevators but tonight when I got home there were a bunch of people with bags and all kinds of stuff so I just took the stairs. Louis came by and he and I visited for a while as Jean Claude had an errand to do. We then went out to lunch and had a nice time. I was able to use the afternoon to get everything done as far as any current loose ends. I was able to start working on my PowerPoint Presentation and have all of the pictures chosen. I plan to show more pictures than usual in this presentation. I know tomorrow there will be more but everything is OK. Tonight I taught the class at Cite de la paix which is Jean Claude’s congregation. Let me tell you about my ride on a machine tonight. It was one of the most fun trips I have ever had. I planned on taking a machine anyway because the traffic is murder between 5 & 7. If I had taken a taxi I would still be on the road! Well, Jean Claude sent a brother named Martin to pick me on his machine. We started off with no problems then the traffic got severe. He crossed over the median and started doing his Salmon routine as he went against the grain. I have been on more wrong sides of a road on this trip than ever before but it is really beneficial. You might try that the next time you are in traffic! We were weaving and bobbing all over the place but he knew what he was doing. We then hit a traffic jam that even the machines could not master. There were about 30 of us and one by one they evacuated in different ways. Martin did a U-turn and went up aways and did another U-turn. About this time it started raining very slightly. When we left the hotel it was not dark and I could see some serious clouds and was hoping they were going away from us but that was not the case. At first the rain was so slight you hardly knew it was raining. It began to pick up and by the time I got inside the church hall all I needed was a bar of soap and I could have had a good shower. The crowd was down because rain really effects movement in Cameroon. This is the start of the dry season but evidently it has been postponed! We sang and then I taught. Was supposed to teach for 35 minutes but I held it to 30. Then we had questions and answers for another 35 minutes. It was good to see so many that I have known for a long time. Then afterwards I met with the leadership to discuss two things: 1st, the progress of the internship with Fossi Etienne. He has been used to a small church with no male leadership (I discussed that yesterday) and he is truly being blessed by his exposure to CDLP and Jean Claude. They gave me a report on his progress and he is doing good in some areas and in others he needs to improve. I really believe this congregation will prove beneficial to him. 2nd, we are thinking of putting in a WBS office here with a printing operation. If that comes to fruition Don Fuller will be the ‘big dog’ regarding the matter. I am hopeful that such an office can be built. We would be able to print our own WBS material as World Bible School has given us permission. We would also be able to print jillions of tracts for distribution on both the English and French sides. Please pray that the Lord’s will will be done in this matter. Don needs to come over here as quickly as possible to look the situation over. At the end of the meeting I was truly humbled. Robert Mebune who is 73 and the oldest brother in the congregation said to me: “often times we wait until someone is in the casket before we say good things about them. I do not want you to be arrogant or get a big head (his words) but you have helped the church so much in Cameroon.” He realizes, as I do, that God is the one at work but He uses Human vessels and I was encouraged by Robert’s words. On the way back Martin carried me and it was no longer raining. However, he has the biggest umbrella over his machine that I have ever seen. This thing is about 7 feet long!!!!!!!!!!!!! Unfortunately he did not have it mounted when he picked me. Jean Claude says only a few machines have such umbrellas and they can charge passengers more. Below is a picture of Douala from my hotel room. Oh, the Scriptures teach that we are to rejoice with those who rejoice and weep with those who weep. We are told to bear one another’s burdens and to pray for each other. Well, I have a problem to share and this is a REAL problem; my Fridge is freezing my Coke Lights and I am having to make adjustments! The temperature control on my Fridge ranges from 1 to 10 and I had put it on 10. Well, I am having to scale it back to 8. I had a light supper of pudding, Snickers, Pringles, Beef Jerky and Coke Light. I think that covers the 5 food groups! I am looking forward to tomorrow. Louis is coming over at noon and we will go get a hamburger. I hope to make some progress on my trip report tomorrow morning. Please pray for Jean Claude as he has not felt good today. He goes to the hospital tomorrow to do a battery of tests. He will get there @ 7 because it is first come, first serve. He told me that he hopes there was a cancellation of someone else’s surgery so they can move his up. The lights went out a couple of minutes ago but the hotel has a generator so the juice is back on. Thanks for your continued prayers.

In Christ,

Jim Corner

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