Tuesday, November 01, 2011 6:15pm-12:15pm CST

Dear All:

I am safely in Douala and just waiting to see Linda. Actually I am not that excited but I will see her in about 259,200 seconds but who’s counting! Got up at 5:50 this morning and headed out at 6:15 for Yaoundé. We have been on nothing but good roads throughout this journey with the small exception of some back roads to get to the church hall in Garoua. Our driver had a speedometer that worked and I noticed that at times he reached up to 125. Don’t get too excited because that is Kilometers Per Hour and translates into about 80 MPH. I do not know if I will ever stop being amazed at the traffic here. From Yaoundé we took a big bus (Greyhound size). I have only ridden a bus twice in my life but I have seen the bus station in downtown Dallas. When they pull out they are on at least a 2 lane road and sometimes 3. Here there is one ‘lane’ each way and I use the word ‘lane’ very loosely. As you navigate you deal with taxis, machines, pedestrians, animals and non-motorized vehicles that they use to transport stuff. At times the distance between you and the next vehicle would allow you to slide a Kleenex in between! I know that you must get tired of hearing this stuff but I would give anything to be able to video the bus station. I did find out that the distance between Douala and Yaounde is 174 miles and the trip took about 3 ½ hours. We did not have to wait long in Yaounde for the next bus so we made it back here by about 12:45. I think I told you yesterday that I was going to take a taxi back to the hotel (it is only a couple of miles away) while Jean Claude went home to see his family. I am a slow ‘unpacker’ but that is OK because I had plenty of time. The hotel’s connection to the web is not working so I am still using the modem. Some guys came up here to fix it but were unable to do so. Don’t know what the problem is but hopefully it will work tomorrow because it is much faster than my modem. I am going to check with Verizon when I get back to see if one of those things you stick in the side of your computer to access the internet would work here. My fear is that even if it does the cost will be astronomical so I will continue to cope with what I have. I did not want to take Jean Claude away from his family (ain’t I a nice guy) so I went down to the local grocery store to get supper. I am a stickler for eating healthy so I began with a salad of cheese and Sour Onion Pringles. For my main course I had cashews, caramel pudding and Oreos. Yes, I had Oreos. It is one of the few times I have seen them here. Then for desert I had a Mars Bar. You can’t get much more balanced than that! I have already spoken to Linda and my daughter-in-law, Jennifer. She got a job yesterday and starts tomorrow. She is the one who does all of my Powerpoint stuff as well as other computer related issues. Hope the job doesn’t get in my way or she will have to quit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a few things to do tomorrow but Jean Claude will not be here until 10:30 so I am going to relax and see some episodes of the Rockford Files. Jean Claude felt bad all morning (he didn’t tell me until after the fact) but he says he is doing fine now. Please continue to keep him in prayer. Oh, I didn’t take any pictures today so I thought I would show you my beautiful daughter. Thanks for your continued prayers and emails.

In Christ,

Jim Corner



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