Monday, October 31, 2011 8:15pm-2:15pm CST

Dear All:

We have once again come to the end of a journey. The last two days have seen no seeable fruit but both were good days. Today I was able to study with another prospect named Joshua. I do not have a ‘feeling’ one way or the other about him. He seemed to understand but was not prepared to give his life to the Lord. This was a somewhat slow day but not without benefit. Jean Claude and I had an extensive conversation regarding the church in this country and the direction it is going. Whenever I get discouraged I look at the church in America and realize how far we are from being what we should be. We have far more members, more and better leadership, and more ‘pew’ knowledge than the church in this country and yet the church in America is not growing. The church throughout the world is badly in need of more and more brethren who are true disciples of the Lord and not simply ‘church attenders’.

I had a good night’s rest last night. From a physical point of view, this trip has been without flaw. Some were worried about my health and concerned that I was traveling alone but I had the Lord as my companion and He has taken good care of me. Jean Claude is having some Kidney pains today so please keep him in prayer. He is scheduled for surgery on November 16. Was able to access my email this morning and send some more email via Gmail. I am prayerful regarding the church in Ebolowa but realize it has a long way to go. One of the problems is virtually no male leadership. There are some strong sisters but really no men who are good leaders. I was able to get a lot of work done on the computer today. I am basically caught up with the exception of a couple of things. Had our final supper tonight and I have had either chicken or spaghetti for the past 2 weeks and have enjoyed each and every meal. Don’t know if I want to go to KFC or Olive Garden when I get home! Have taken my shower and will go to bed within the next hour. Thus far I have spent about 103 hours traveling! Traveling is not something I enjoy but the end result is well worth it. Tonight Etienne and Maciana came over for me to show them a couple of things regarding the Cameroon website. Their picture is below. I am packed and we plan to leave around 6:30 in the morning. If we connect OK through Yaoundé I hope to be in Douala by 2. Jean Claude is just going to get me a taxi to go to the hotel and he will go straight home. His children really miss him. Most, if not all of you are aware that he lost his wife this past spring. Junior who is 4 still does not understand and asks Jean Claude often when Mom is coming home.

Several misc items:

  1. Have had two brief power outages here. One was a few days ago for about 5 minutes and the other was this morning for about 15 minutes. Nothing to complain about.
  2. Oh, the girl that made my bed this morning had a new design and I really cannot explain it to you. I mentioned this to Jean Claude and he said that he also had a new design each day.
  3. Maciana (the wife of Andenge) is teaching school. They call it ‘part-time’ although she teaches every day. The ‘part-time’ is her salary. I don’t quite understand all of the details but after you are accredited to teach and you begin teaching, you do not receive a full salary at the beginning. Right now she has been paid nothing for the past 2 months.
  4. Please pray for Mike Ripple. He is the brother-in-law to Richard and Teresa Blaisdell’s son-in-law. Do not know any details but know that he is sick in some way.

I continue to thank God for each of you who are keeping us in prayer.

In Christ,

Jim Corner

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