Saturday, October 29, 2011 6:00pm-Noon CST

Dear All:

This has been the first day that has truly been relaxing. I intended to sleep in today but I got up around 8. Spent quite a bit of time on the internet and was able to do some emailing. As I said yesterday, I am starting to use Gmail and while it is slow, it does work. Not much in the way of pictures but I did want to show you that great shower I spoke of yesterday. The only reason I showed my bed is that the girl today used a different style from the one of yesterday. Jean Claude informed me that I am teaching the Bible class at his congregation next Wednesday so I spent a lot of time working up a class. We are going to look at the ‘call of God’ and how it should manifest itself in our lives. With the exception of spending a bit walking outside, I have been in my room all day. Also had some reports I had to respond to as well as some other emails pertaining to the work in Cameroon. Jean Claude and I enjoyed our meal. Took our ketchup and butter with us to the table. We split a chicken and you have heard of the ‘tough old bird’ (not referring to Teresa); well, we got it. Jean Claude did go out to wire some money to a number of village preachers that we support. These are not full-time but brothers who go out each weekend to strengthen the local church. I will be teaching Bible Class and sermon tomorrow morning. I also need to work on finalizing that stuff. Will call Linda later and hopefully get in bed early. Jean Claude and I are both doing well. Thanks for your prayers and emails.

In Christ,

Jim Corner


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