Sunday, October 23, 2011 5:10pm-11:10am CST

Dear All:

Another GREAT day in Cameroon. Got up at 7 to be prepared to leave for the church hall at 8:30. Driver was on time but we had to delay because of Gisele. I am fascinated by how frank Cameroonians are in both what they say and do. For example, when a mother needs to breastfeed her baby she just brings it out for all the world to see because it is a natural thing. Well, we were about to leave this morning and Gisele had forgotten her water but she was gone a long time. When she returned Jean Claude said: ‘she went to poo’ (we would say ‘take a dump’) and instead of being embarrassed Gisele just laughed and said: ‘he got it’! The trip to the church hall takes about 10 minutes and we arrived within a few minutes of 9. Started fairly close to on time and had some good Cameroonian singing. I taught the Bible class on discipleship from Luke 14:25-35. My class during the seminar is on discipleship and knew that these brethren needed this lesson. I then preached from Col 3:1-4 which is the text I used yesterday in Lagdo as the Garoua preacher specifically asked me to preach that again. The typical attendance in this congregation is around 20 but we had 42 as some of those who are coming to the seminar had already arrived. There were three who had been studied with by brethren who wanted to give their lives to the Lord so we went to the baptistery. I have a picture of it below. There are two brethren who have vehicles (one car and one Toyota pickup) so about 30 of us went to witness the new births. A picture of the 3 is below and their names are Roginel, Marolyne and Dieudonne. Afterwards we came back to the hotel. We were going to order supper but something happened that I am sure has happened to you in a fine hotel restaurant. All they had on hand was steak and rice. Now, the steak here is OK but it is tougher than a boot. Come to think of it: I would prefer a boot with some A-1! Well, the 3 Stooges (that would be Jean Claude, Gisele and Linda) wanted to eat Fufu so they went and found some. They were worried about me but I had a wonderful lunch. Jean Claude had some bread and I had some butter; then I had 1 Slim Jim, 3 cookies and a piece of cheese. If you look at all that stuff you will see a bunch of healthy ingredients. Later I took the girls to get them some credit for their phones. We could only find 2 machines so Linda and I rode on one with Gisele on the other. I have a picture of my hotel room (actually it is another one but they are all the same). Note the fire extinguisher on the outside of the hut. It is early enough that I will have time to make final preparations for tomorrow and still be able to relax. I also have a picture below of the 4 of us preparing to head to worship.

A few other misc things:

  1. I was talking with Linda and Gisele before service and told them that our oldest son and daughter-in-law are fixin to have their 5th child. Also told them of my son’s sister and brother-in-law who have 8 and are still planning to have more. They wanted to know why so many and I told them that they are Catholic. Linda then said: “oh, no control” as in no birth control.
  2. I forgot to tell you that yesterday in Lagdo I had 2 interpreters. Jean Claude translated from English to French and then another brother translated into the tribal tongue as many do not know French. This is not the first time I have done this but I have to remind myself to let 2 people speak before I begin again.
  3. The weather was hot today although not oppressive. When we went out this morning it was actually pleasant.
  4. Everything continues to work regarding electricity and water and for that we are thankful.
  5. Jean Claude asked me yesterday if I could fund 10 brethren coming from Lagdo as they were going to have to walk. The drive by car is 1 hour so that would be a loooooooooooong walk. The total for all 10 was about $33 so I was happy to do it.

Don’t anticipate the email working here but I can receive so keep on writing. We are all doing well and appreciate your prayers. Please pray for all those who are traveling today and tomorrow.

In Christ,

Jim Corner


One Response to Howdy

  1. Diane Threat says:

    Hi Y’all!
    God blessings to you all! I have enjoyed reading your travel “tips” and adventures. So happy that the Lord is blessing you all in your travels and also being able to relax and enjoy the areas you are traveling. From today’s pictures you all look well and rested.
    Thanks to God for your wonderful words to our Christian Family in Cameroon. May they all grow in strength and wisdom.
    Continue your good works and good health.
    Your sister in Christ,
    Diane Threat
    (Laurel CoC Maryland)

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