Saturday, October 22, 2011 9:20pm-3:20pm

Dear All:

I am trying to please my wife by getting plenty of sleep and so far I have succeeded. I went to bed about 10:30 last night and ‘slept like logs of wood’ (a Cameroonian saying that slightly deviates from what we say) until 7:30 this morning. I would like to take some time and watch a movie or a TV show but don’t think I will have time, at least not tonight. Day was a good one and let me walk you through it:

As stated, got up at 7:30 and checked the web. We were scheduled to leave for Lagdo for evangelism and we actually left 5 minutes early! Ride is about 1 hour but we stopped for about 10 minutes to visit a brother in Christ who runs a nursing school. He has about 25 students. Andre, the preacher here in Garoua went with us and that taxi was full. The driver was not particularly big but Andre is and he was in the front seat with Linda who is no ‘skinny minnie’. I was in the back seat with Jean Claude who needs to deliver his triplets and Gisele who is also a big girl. On the train they were talking about how they were fat and in the Cameroonian culture, that is OK. Teresa Blaisdell would feel fine when people told her she was fat! At any rate, I looked at the car and marveled at the numerous times that I have ridden with an additional passenger in both front and back. We were totally squeezed but realize we could have taken on more passengers. When we arrived the church was there and they were singing. Jean Claude called me out and told me they wanted a 10 minute devo. Well, I spoke for about 25 minutes and then we had questions and answers for double that time. Ultimately I taught a group of 9 men and one of them, Andre, gave his life to the Lord. Please pray for his strength and also for those who are not prepared to surrender. Linda and Gisele taught 4 others and the girls say that two of them are serious. Once again, we pray with time that souls will be won. Around 3 the wind started whipping up and some serious rain fell. Jean Claude says sometimes that rain will rip off a roof and carry it a good distance. He said one time that happened and the zinc roof decapitated a man far away. While it was raining Jean Claude taught them two new songs. We left around 4 and headed back for Garoua. We stopped at a grocery store to buy some water. They had some Coke Lights so I had to get a 6 pack. We got back and went to supper fairly quickly. Food is very good and the company is even better. This hotel (Linda will remember it) has a bunch of little thatched bungalows that look like some of the houses in the North. My room is basically a semi-circle with most of it being the bedroom and a smaller part the bathroom. I have downloaded all of the pictures from the past few days and have some below. The first is Linda, Jean Claude and Gisele. The second is the bus we rode from Ngondere to Garoua. No A/C but as long as we were moving it was fine. It is HOT up here. The third is a typical hut. The 4th is the inside of the Lagdo building. The last is the outside of the Lagdo building.

Here are some miscellaneous things from the day and yesterday:

  1. The Lagdo building has concrete pews and I only thought wood was hard!
  2. The floor is dirt and I was able to pick up some dirt and sprinkle it to demonstrate how foolish it is to believe that sprinkling is baptism when Romans 6 and Colossians 2 say it is burial.
  3. When it was raining the roof has some serious leaks. After a while almost half of the building had water on the benches.
  4. Yesterday when we arrived we were VERY hot. The reception of the hotel had an A/C about 3 feet off the ground. Reminded me of when I was a kid and we had a window unit. When I got hot I would sit in front of the A/C and let it blow on my face. Well, I went over to the A/C and raised up my shirt and let the cold air blow. Then I turned around and did the same. I was careful to be sure that no one saw me but I am not sure that would have stopped me.
  5. My room has a flat screen TV on the wall and I am so happy about that. You see, I never watch TV here so I always have to move the TV off of the table so I can have a desk.

Well, that is about it. I will teach and preach in Garoua tomorrow. The preacher in Garoua (Andre) liked my message this morning from Col 3:1-4 and asked me to preach the same thing tomorrow so I will. I will use Luke 14:25-35 for the Bible class. Andre came and picked our laundry tonight so it should be ready by Monday or Tuesday. I will call Linda, take a shower and hit the sack. Oh, it appears that I am having the same problems as I had back in June in that I cannot send email. For those of you who have been writing, thanks and I will try to get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks for the continued prayers. We are all doing well.

In Christ,

Jim Corner



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