Wednesday, October 19, 2011 7:00pm – 1:00pm CST

Dear All:

I am convinced that even if I had an extra week here that I would be busy every day. I am still not done by a long shot so let me share some things with you from the day. Please understand that these ramblings are but a small part of what takes place. I cannot remember 90% of what happens and I am not a detailed writer so much is omitted. One of the serendipitous (Teresa; if you know how to look up words in a dictionary you will need to look this one up) blessings of Douala is the following: it helps strengthen your neck muscles. You see, when you cross the street you are constantly looking in every direction to see if a bus, truck, machine or car is about to smash you!

One more thing before I write about the day; my sweet daughter hurt my feelings when she emailed me about the picture yesterday. You see, I had emailed her and stated that she would want to look at the picture and her email back said that worried her because I do things that embarrass her and others. Well, that is simply not true and if you don’t believe me just ask my wife. Wait, don’t ask her! Just ask my children. Wait, don’t ask them! Ask my grandchildren. Wait, don’t ask them! Ask my friends. Wait, don’t ask them! I just cannot think of anyone who is reliable to ask but you can take my word for it. For example, note the sweet picture below. What is more loving than a sweet daughter feeding her poor mother because her mom has problems hitting her mouth! BTW: I didn’t catch the next spoonful that hit Linda in the forehead!

Back to the day. My wife is going to be so happy with me because I left my alarm off and slept till 10! Couldn’t believe it but it was probably good for me. Jean Claude came over shortly thereafter and we went to Air France, the bank, the Post Office and then to lunch. Once again I saw the greatness of machines. We had to take a taxi and it took forever to get to our destination. On a machine we simply would have ‘maneuvered’ through traffic and believe me, these guys have ‘maneuvering’ down to a science! Jean Claude liked the last ‘errand’ the best! We met Louis there and not only had a good lunch but a good conversation regarding the Kingdom. You would truly be blessed if you could be a ‘fly on the wall’ and listen to some of this stuff. I have been making final preparations for the campaign/seminar. We will leave the hotel around 8 in the morning to be at the bus station to take the 9:00 bus. It will arrive in Yaounde around 1 and Simon Parfait, one of the preachers will meet us. We will go to his house for a visit and then head for the train station. He has purchased our tickets so we are ready to go. The train leaves around 6 (I may have told you this in an earlier ‘Howdy’) and arrives in Ngondere around 8 the next morning. We then climb a bus and ride 5 hours to Garoua. We are anticipating a 4pm arrival. No rest for the weary as we begin in earnest the next day. Please continue to keep us in prayer. Oh, please pray for the following:

  1. Altha Rogers – a sweet Christian sister who is around 90 and just had a heart cath.
  2. Carolyn Pinon – another good Christian girl (well, she is over 50 but still a girl at heart) who will have heart surgery soon.
  3. Ross Hollingsworth – a dear brother at my congregation who recently had a heart attack but is now on the mend.
  4. All of those traveling to the seminar.

Be aware that my computer has worked well here because I have a relatively fast connection. Once I get out of Douala that will change so pray for patience on my part. Thanks for your continuing prayers. Also, thanks to all of you who have been emailing!

In Christ,

Jim Corner

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