Sunday, October 16, 2011 8:10pm – 7:10pm CST

Dear All:

Can’t tell for sure because it is dark outside although even if it was light I couldn’t tell anything from 35,000 feet. Pretty sure I am somewhere over the eastern part of the States. Flight to Paris is about 9 hours with a 5 hour layover followed by a 7 hour flight to Douala. That last sentence made me tired!!!! Had a great morning of worship at Buckingham Road. At the end of the service they had me and Linda come up front (standard faire) and had a special prayer for us. I feel that she needs more prayer than I do as she worries too much. We left for the airport at about 2:10 and went on LBJ. Normally on a Sunday afternoon that would be no problem but they are starting some major construction that slowed us down a bit but not too much. Dean and Bapp met us at the airport. Oh, Bapp is our daughter (her given name is Baffy Boo but we call her Bapp for short). They had Alex (our only granddaughter) and two of their sons, Cy and KB. I was able to get my boarding pass fairly quickly and we were able to visit for about 45 minutes or so before I had to go in. Security was no problem and I made it to my gate with plenty of time. Boarded and took off on time. I have a bulk head seat which gives me some extra space plus no one sitting in front of me can recline in my lap! Some of you have been reading my emails and blogs for years and you already know that I am a fine connoisseur of fine food. That is why I have such a high opinion of airplane food and tonight was no exception. This morning in Bible class Terry Harlow who has been with me 4 times to Cameroon was mocking me. He spoke of my ‘little computer’ and my ‘cashews’. Well, he was right on both counts. I have been able to watch two episodes of Walker, Texas Ranger and he was able to get the bad guys in both shows. When I finish this I will play some more on the computer and then try to sleep.

Let me explain the details of this trip as it is different from any trip I have ever made. First of all, this is my first journey to Cameroon with no Americans. The reason is because of the nature of the trip. On Tuesday and Wednesday I will do many misc things to get ready for some serious travel. Jean Claude will be with me to interpret and Linda Bassay and Gisele Tsafack will also be on the first part of the trip. I will get back to the girls in a minute. We will take a 4 hour bus ride on Thursday to Yaoundé and then wait about 4 hours for the train. We will then take about a 14 hour train ride (leaving at 6pm and arriving the next morning at 8am). We then will have about a 1-2 hour wait and then board a bus that will take 5 hours to get us to Garoua which is our destination. I don’t know the exact distance but don’t think the total is more than 400 miles and it will take us longer than my flight from Dallas to Douala which is roughly 21 hours. We are going to take what they call a ‘sleep wagon’ (we would call it a Pullman). You have 3 types of ticket to buy on the train; the first is 2nd class in which the majority of the passengers stand the entire time! The second is 1st class which Linda and I took 3 years ago. This is a nice car and you have your own seat. My Neurologist said that I need to get more sleep than I have been getting and that is the reason for the Sleep Wagon. On Saturday we will be involved in evangelizing in a town named Lagdo as well as Garoua. We pray that the Lord will grant us souls who are serious about serving the Lord. We will worship in Garoua on Sunday and evangelize some more. On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday we will have a seminar. I will teach the men in both the morning and afternoon (I plan to get real tired). Linda and Gisele will be working with the sisters to help them become better teachers of children. My material is some which I stole from Terry Harlow as we want to help them develop into true disciples. We have too many members in both Cameroon and America who are not true disciples but simply ‘pew packers’. Once they have come to a building and spent an hour in worship they believe their ticket is punched until the next week. We want to help them build a foundation for growth in the decades to come. We will then return to Yaoundé where Linda and Gisele will return to Douala. Jean Claude and I will continue to Ebolowa and work with the church there for several days. We are in the process of determining the future of that church as pertains to their preacher. We currently have two full-time preachers and that is too many. At any rate, we pray that this journey has a positive impact on the church in Cameroon. Please pray for the following:

  1. Safe travel
  2. Good health
  3. Receptive hearts
  4. Brethren who are serious

As with all trips, a great deal of planning and hard work has already transpired. My prayer is that that effort will produce fruit. I am fixin to close this part of the blog and I will write more later. Ultimately I will not be able to send this until Monday night at the earliest. I won’t have any pictures from this trip for a few days so below is a cute picture of the most beautiful woman in the world (that would be my wife) and a little kid named Jose Luis that Linda babysits.

Monday, October 17, 2011 10:30am-3:30am CST

Landed about an hour ago. Flight was smooth with no turbulence of any kind. I was actually able to get about 3 hours of sleep. Cleared customs with no problems. Usually we have to take a bus to another terminal but not today. I have my boarding pass and will go in around noon. Layover is long so I am charging my cell phone and keeping my computer fully charged. I had electricity on the American Airlines flight but will not have it on the Air France. I am feeling fine and looking forward to this next jaunt. Scheduled to land at 7:10 tonight and I believe there is a 6 hour difference between Douala and Dallas so it will be 1:10pm your time. Nothing else of significance to write so I will sign off for now.

Monday, October 17, 2011 11:58pm-5:58pm CST

Don’t tell Linda that I am up this late. At least I started writing before midnight! Flight was good with another wonderful lunch. In fact, just to show you how good the food is the guy sitting next to me said it tasted like Hospital food so what more could you want? For supper I got two candy bars which I have at the hotel with me. Landed about 20 minutes late and sailed through customs. As usual, it took a while to get my bags but they finally came out. I went right past the guys that usually hassle you about your luggage but they didn’t say a word. My ego is a bit hurt because only 5 came to the airport. Usually when others come there is a much larger turnout. When we got here they had four prayers: one for my safe travel and continued health; one for Linda; one for the country and one for the seminar/campaign. In the past we would sing some songs but the hotel said we were disturbing the peace and had to stop. I am unpacked and pretty much ready for Thursday regarding packing. I will meet with Linda and Gisele tomorrow to make sure that we are on the same page for the seminar. Other miscellaneous stuff. Oh, the A/C was on when I got here and the Coke Lights and water was already cold! For the few days I am here the internet speed will be pretty fast but will slow down once we get out of Douala because I will have to use a modem. My internet connection is via some kind of wire. I am too far down the hall to have wireless! The only place where the wire will work is having the computer on the TV stand and me sitting on a little table. I am fixin to take a bath. I still have a few things to do so I will sign off. Thanks for your continued prayers and be sure and email me.

In Christ,

Jim Corner

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