Thursday June 23, 2011 1:10pm – 6:10am CST

Dear All:

In Ecclesiastes we read that there is a time to every season. Well, there is a time for a 1st Howdy and a Final Howdy and here we are. The last 2 weeks have flown by. In every way the Lord has blessed our journey. More about that is a minute. Let me summarize what has taken place since I last wrote. Oh, I will get to see Linda in about 780 minutes or a tad under 48,000 seconds. She is an absolute blessing. The schedule that I have is very taxing on her and I am so grateful to have a wife that is so understanding. The streets of Heaven will be filled with those who became Christians via her sacrifice. Has a good night’s rest. Didn’t quite get 9 hours but did get close to 8 and I feel great. Left in the hotel bus at about 7 and had no problem in getting checked-in. Took train to the terminal we needed and arrived at the gate around 8. Flight was scheduled to leave at 10:10 but we didn’t get to board until around 10:50 or so. They said that there had been some storms on the East Coast which caused our plane to be late. The flight is supposed to be about 30 minutes late and will arrive at 1:30 into N ew York. We are scheduled to leave at 3:15 and have to clear customs in NY so we won’t have anytime to lollygag. We are supposed to land in Dallas around 6pm. Jean is supposed to pick us so if everything is on schedule, I should be home by 7:30. Have been working on my trip report and my PowerPoint Presentation. In a little bit will watch some Gunsmoke episodes.

Have ever been watching the clock for something to transpire and timed just seemed to drag? In the life of this ministry, things never go as quickly as I would like. My desire is to see a mature church in Cameroon and realize that such will not happen in a brief time. It is good, however, to see consistent growth in the right direction. While the church is not where we would like it to be, there are encouraging signs for the long-term growth of the Body in Cameroon. Even on the evangelistic campaigns the ultimate goals is the maturation process of the church. Whether it be new converts growing to be more like Jesus or older converts growing more and more in His image. My prayer is that you will continue to keep this ministry in your prayers. If you are not currently receiving my monthly report you can receive by writing me. I can either send you a written report via the mail each month or put you on my email list.

We still have about 6 hours to go until we arrive in NY.

Thursday June 23, 2011 4:15pm-3:15pm CST

The flight out of Zurich was about 3 minutes late and we had a 2 ½ hour gap between landing in NY and taking off for Dallas. When we got to customs the line was really long and after we got through that we were able to collect our bags quickly. We then went upstairs and had to go through security again and that another long line. Bottom line is that the majority of the travelers had already boarded but we made it so everything is OK. Lord willing, we will be in Dallas in less than 3 hours.

Once again, thanks so much for each prayer, thought and email.



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