Tuesday June 21, 2011 6:30pm-12:30pm CST

Dear All:

Yesterday I told you that it was about 25,200 minutes before I saw Linda and I was way off. The correct # was 4,440. It is now about 3,300 minutes or 198,000 seconds before I see her. While I am thinking about it I need to share something with you. I think you need to be praying for Kurt’s attitude as he is mocking me. He is doing a cross word puzzle and he said: “I have one that I think you will know. How many strokes is a triple bogey on a Par 4.” I, of course, got it correct because of watching others (such as Ricardo) do it with alarming frequency. Kurt, however, told me that I had a great deal of experience in this matter. Is that any way to treat one of your sheep?! Well, here is what has transpired today. I woke up around 5 although I wanted to sleep much longer. The problem is that on a travel day my mind starts working overtime in thinking through everything that has to be done before we can leave. Finally got up around 5:30 as I knew it was a waste of time in trying to get any more sleep. Got on the internet and checked emails. Will wait until I get home to see why my email is blocked. Vincent came around 9 and Jean Claude came around 9:30. Oh, this morning I took the first real shower in about a week and I discovered a marvelous thing. It had a strange feel to it and Kurt told me it is called ‘hot water’. Maybe some day you can make this great discovery. When I asked him to explain he first of all said it had something to do with Jean, that is, he stayed in ‘hot water’ with her. He could not effectively explain it; only to say that it was not a pleasant experience. I find that hard to believe because Jean is a really neat and wonderful and fantastic and bright and intelligent and beautiful and marvelous overall type of ‘good guy’! At any rate, the hot water was a wonderful discovery. Jean Claude and I got into a taxi to go and get some postcards and stamps at the central P.O. The down side is that machines are outlawed in that part of town. As we walked back to the bank we passed a place where cars were parked. He said that if you are parked incorrectly they will tow you and the charge to get your car out is 50,000 (about $111) per day. We went to the bank and then to Swiss Air to confirm our flight tonight. We (Vincent, Jean Claude, Kurt and I) then went to have lunch. Louis was in school so he missed out. We then got back to the hotel and Kurt wanted to get on my computer. Something is wrong with his and it will not work until he gets home. I didn’t know that he was a computer technician but he mentioned something about a hammer, chisel and screwdriver and that he was going to fix it! We left for the airport at 5:20 and made it quickly. Sailed through every part of the process. While we were walking to the gate Quinta ( a member of Jean Claude’s congregation) greeted us. She is employed by Swiss Air. She said that Esther was looking for us and sure enough, she was. Oh, Esther is Jean Claude’s sister. We had a nice visit with her and then came to the gate. We have not gone through the final security check point but that should start within the next hour. Kurt went to the ‘can’ and then came back and said he needed his flashlight to go to the bathroom! I guess the bill has not been paid. At any rate, they are making good improvements to the airport. More has been painted and there are more air conditioned parts. Also, in our gate area there is a grand total of 6 electrical outlets. None of them work but it is the thought that counts. We are still about 4 hours from take-off but we are nice and cool! Oh, Jean Claude was also mocking me today. I am a pretty good sport and I must admit, I am used to the abuse. I said something that Jean Claude thought was goofy and he said that only a rabbit could hear what I said. That was a bit perplexing but he pointed out it would take someone with big ears to accept what I was saying! I will sign off for now. Will write more before I send this from Zurich. We will spend tomorrow there and then land in Dallas around 6 on Thursday. We continue to be blessed. Thanks for your part in this campaign.

Wednesday June 22, 2011 1:35am – Tuesday, June 21, 2011 6:35pm

We boarded about 45 minutes early but left about 15 minutes late which is no problem. The flight in Coach is fairly full. Just finished a delicious meal and will work for some time on my written report as well as starting to lay the foundation of my PowerPoint presentation of the trip. After I have done mine, my GREAT daughter-in-law Jennifer, will do her magic. We have 4+ hours before we land in Zurich.

The picture below is that of Douala.

Wednesday June 22, 2011 5:45pm-10:45am CST

It is now 1,200 minutes before I see Linda or 72,000 seconds! Have had a restful day except with no rest. You see, neither of us slept hardly at all on the plane. We landed without incident. Cleared customs quickly and our bags were ready almost as soon as we arrived at the baggage claim. We took the hotel bus but when we got here the rooms were not ready. We left our bags and walked to the train station. When we got downtown it was only about 8:45 and the restaurant that we wanted to go to would not open until 11:30. The first state of business I had to take care of was to go to a chocolate shop named Teuschers to get some candy for my darling daughter-in-law, Meleah. We were able to go to Zorcher Verkehrsverbund which was a blast. Then went to erwachsene and bought some Einzelbillett. This German stuff is neat. Went to a souvenir shop and got a few things. Then we took a 1 ½ boat tour. There is some beautiful scenery and met some people from Austin. They say it has really been hot there. Our weather in Cameroon was basically pleasant. We then went and ate lunch. It was good but, of course, not on a par with Airplane Food or eating out of a suitcase! We then got back at the hotel at 3. Nice but not as nice as we are used to. At least I wasn’t surprised by the hot water since Kurt had already explained that stuff to me. My plan is to get in bed no later than 8 which would allow me to get 10 hours of sleep. This must be a 5 Star hotel because there is a McDonald’s downstairs. We may go down there and get some good cuisine. That would be grub, TB! Or is it grubb? Is the rule ‘double B after u or single b after ru? That gives me more trouble than I before e except after Q, R or D. I am looking at a twin pack Mars Bar and don’t know how much longer it will be with us! We are both feeling great and continue to give thanks to you. We leave at 10:10 tomorrow morning and have a 9 hour flight to New York. Only a 2 hour layover and then nearly 4 hours to DFW. Looking forward to seeing Linda!




3 Responses to Howdy

  1. Awesome, miss you guys! Sprechen Zie Duetshe?

  2. srosnett says:

    Missed you at Karson’s birthday party. He is in underwear now! Of course he wore 6 different pairs yesterday. He liked his card from you guys. He even commented on something you wrote. It was cute! Don’t actually remember what it was exactly. I will have to look at the card to remember.

    Love you bunches!

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