Monday June 20, 2011 11:10pm-5:10pm CST

Dear All:

I can’t believe that this day is still not over! I did lose about 3 hours this afternoon trying to figger out why my email is blocked when it goes out. Spoke with Go Daddy in the States and then had a technician here try to determine the cause but they could not. I went ahead and took the advice of Bob Deister and emailed via Gmail. I don’t know if my mind can go all the way back to this morning but I will try.

Got up at about 5:30 and finalized my packing. Electricity stayed on all night and I actually got a bit chilled! Below is a picture of Louis and Linda. She came up because she will be working in Ekona for 2 weeks. The other pictures are of our hotel in Muyuka. This blog will not allow me to overlap or I would knock your socks off with my talent! You can see that we had soap (no water)(although it did come on as we were leaving), a nice toilet (even with its own seat), a nice phone in the room (didn’t work, but does look nice), a nice medicine cabinet (this is Kurt’s because mine actually had a mirror). I never told him as I feared that he would be tempted to envy. Also you will see a soap dish with real soap it doesn’t suds up much without water. At least that is what Kurt said. Made good time to Douala as the traffic had thinned out by the time we arrived. After this last hotel we think we have landed in Heaven. Everything actually works. Now, everything is not roses and hamburgers (or something like that) because my fridge is freezing my Coke Lights. I think I have enough chocolate and drinks to last until we leave. We went to the wood market and bought some neat stuff. This is a real experience because you bargain for everything. You also discover that you have more friends than you think. As you walk by they will grab you and say, ‘my friend’. Why, I haven’t felt so loved since my last Colonoscopy! We got back and then went to a nice hamburger joint. The service, is not what you would call fast. Invariably we have to walk over people who have passed out from hunger! Well, they brought my food first and I dove in. Kurt said: “if you were cultured you would wait for our food.” I informed him that the operative word in his sentence was ‘IF’. My name has never been used in the same sentence as the word cultured unless you added the word ‘NOT’ as: ‘you are not cultured’. I prefer it this way because I got to eat! I have learned, through experience that slobs are the happiest people in the world! Kurt and I hopped on machines to come back. Jean Claude wanted us to take a taxi and I asked him why but he was just like a dad saying, ‘because I said so.’ We figgered that we both outrank him (we are pretty rank) so we got on machines. I have learned that Kurt is not nearly as bad as Jean says! Scratch that last sentence since she is supposed to pick us at DFW. I will get to see Linda in about 25,200 minutes but who is counting! I got to talk to her twice today and the second time also got to speak to Junior and Alex plus Jose Luis (a little boy that Linda babysits). Tomorrow will be a blur as we try to finish everything up. This has been a great trip and we all appreciate your prayers so much.




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