Friday June 17, 2011 7:45pm-1:45pm CST

Dear All:

I have a feeling that you are not going to read any of this stuff until Monday. You will then have brain overload but hopefully you will not have a severe case. Last night we had a loss of electricity for about 30 minutes but is basically the only outage for the whole trip. Many years ago you would expect to have regular outages of both light and water. Here are the highlights of my day:

I got up at 6 and just did regular stuff. Had devo @8 although the song leader (that would be Jean Claude) was late. He was up until 5 this morning because he could not sleep. Kurt had the thoughts and did a really good job. Vincent is staying at home but he comes over each morning for the devo. Richard was actually 5 minutes early yesterday so I went to the road this morning because he was a bit late but I did not have to wait very long. We got in a taxi headed for Banga and had 8 people (4 in front and 4 in back). Richard and I were in the back and fortunately the other two was a lady and a child so we weren’t scrunched too bad. I had both good and bad news. The bad was that they still had no prospects today. The good was that I was able to spend many hours with them once again. Many of them told me that what I did with them was very valuable. As with any planting, it will take time to see if good fruit comes forth. The Banga congregation is below. Please pray for them as many of them told me that the biggest problem they have is that the leaders are not living a good life and the townspeople see that. It is much more difficult, in this culture, to rid yourself of poor leaders. We dealt with some basic stuff such as discipleship, Bible study and a few other things. I do not at all feel as though the time was wasted.

A few misc items:

  1. The other picture below is one I took a few days ago. That is a small taxi underneath the load.
  2. I can’t remember the reason for the question but I asked them how old they thought I was and the consensus was 70. I am glad Teresa Blaisdell was not there as they would guess her to be 90 and that might hurt her feelings. After all, since she is only 73 (or is it that she looks 73) it might make her feel bad and I would not want that to happen. She is such a loving, fantastic, wonderful, marvelous, brilliant etc, etc, etc. person. I need to stop as I don’t want to ‘lose my cookies’.


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