Thursday June 16, 2011 7:40pm-1:40pm CST

Dear All:

This has been an interesting and different type of day. Let me explain by simply going back to the beginning:

Got up at 6:45 – the electricity here is anything but stable. For much of the night the current was low so the A/C was, for all practical purposes, of no value. The speed of the ceiling fan is also not very fast but it still can make some good noise. I still slept relatively well. We had devo in Kurt’s room and Vincent gave the thoughts. I went outside this morning and there was Vincent at 7:15 so we visited until 8. He has some really good insights and the time spent was both enjoyable and beneficial. I am working at Banga and a brother named Richard came and picked me at 9. We squeezed into a taxi (squeezed is definitely the correct word) and got there in about 15 minutes. Below are pictures of the mountain (Richard’s term) that we had to ascend and descend to get to the church building. That incline certainly encourages your prayer life! I made it up and down without incident. Here is how the day was interesting: we had no prospects so I spent a couple of hours with the church (about 80% of the members were there) and we discussed some of their problems and how they could grow. In all I was able to teach the church for over 3 hours. Some of the best comments came from a brother that was converted on our campaign last year. There were 5 baptisms and all have fallen except for him. 20% is certainly not a good % and the problem (according to them) was that the church did a poor job of follow-up. We had a worship service and they decided they would spend the afternoon working with prospects and I will come back tomorrow to teach. Even though we had no prospects or baptisms; I feel good about what transpired. I got in a bus with a bunch of others and made it back with no problems. I have been working ever since and still have a bunch of stuff to do.

The team had a total of 20 studies today and 5 baptisms. This area is definitely better prepared than the churches in the Northwest.

Kurt and I ate in his room out of our cans. I had forgotten to buy paper plates but the hotel restaurant loaned us 2 plates. Supper was deeeeeeeeeeeeeelicious. It is fortunate that I am able to fix so many different kinds of recipes. I may make Banana Pudding for desert for tomorrow.

  1. I am still unable to send/receive email. I did get on the internet for a short period of time but will be glad when I can start sending. I have a bunch of email in my Out Box so hopefully some of you will start receiving things soon.
  2. This hotel room is fascinating:
    1. One of the reasons why the A/C was not doing a good job is because they had the window ½ way open. Since I caught it that may lower the temperature.
    2. They keep a bucket of water for flushing purposes.
      1. I know that many of you would like to share in my experiences so stop reading and go turn off your water and fill a bucket. Hey, I said STOP READING and go fill a bucket!
    3. You have exposed wires all over the place. An inspector for the city of Garland would have a field day, provided he survived his heart attack.
    4. I have a regular sized bed and it is flush against one wall with about 4 feet of walking space.
    5. My ‘office’ is a plastic chair with a table that handles my computer and portable printer.
    6. Still no water and I would be somewhat surprised if any shows up.
    7. The lighting is so poor that I may be blinded by the lights when I get back to the hotel in Douala.
    8. I am sure that some of you may have a ceiling fan that has a bit of wobble in it. My ceiling fan in this room is so incredibly wobbly that it will nearly hypnotize you if you look at it too long. Louis asked me if I was afraid it would come down on my head but I fear nothing, except for Linda when she gets her dander up. Fortunately I am such a well behaved husband that that rarely happens.

Thanks for your continued prayers. We are all doing well. Kurt is thinking about extending his stay for another 6 months but I don’t think we should give Jean that much happiness! Wow, she might think: first the Mavs win the NBA Championship and now I really win big. What could be next; the Rangers win the World Series and the Cowboys win 6 games!




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