Wednesday, June 15, 2011 8:35pm-2:35pm CST

Dear All:

Have made it safely to Muyuka. Here is the day:

Awoke at 5:50 with the plan of leaving at 7. Actually pulled away at 6:50! The first few hours were on a good road but was followed with a couple of hours on a REALLY bad road. We got some practice slipping all over the road but the driver definitely knew what he was doing as we never came close to any problem. Then we stopped in Kumba and got some stuff at the super market. Well, ‘super’ may be a stretch! Road from Kumba to Muyuka is a GREAT road. We are staying at a hotel that is less than 2 years old and it really demonstrates how poor their construction is. My A/C is straining to cool the room and it is a small room. Kurt’s door is a little tricky when you try to lock it. We don’t have any water except for the drops coming from the ceiling. I have a nice ceiling fan but none of the lights work. I definitely have my flashlight handy. Some of you are aware that we have both English and French sisters who are working to train sisters in teaching children. I had the English women come and we went over some stuff. I have a picture of them below. Oh, the one with nice legs is me! With only one notable exception, the seminars are going well. I then met with the churches we will work with for the next 4 days. We appear to have a lot of prospects so we are praying for fruit. Kurt and I will be eating out of suitcase for the next 4 days. Neither of us were hungry tonight so we didn’t eat, except for a can of Tuna I had and possibly some crackers or stuff that he had. We did go to the hotel restaurant and had a coke with Jean Claude, Vincent and Louis. Vincent is staying at home as this is where he lives but he came down to visit. I cannot connect to the internet tonight so don’t know when this will go. We are all doing fine and looking forward to tomorrow. Thanks for your continued prayers.




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