Tuesday June 14, 2011 11:20pm-5:20pm CST

Dear All:

As you can see, it is late so I will make this fairly fast. Ended first section with 10 Bibles studies and 2 baptisms. Certainly not what we had desired but the churches were not well prepared. I taught a man in his 60’s today who gave his life to the Lord. It is rare, but wonderful, to see one that age who is still receptive to the gospel. The picture below is of Simon (our new brother) and Vincent.

Day began like most with the devo and today I was the ‘preacher’. We then left at 9:15 to get to Batibo. After the baptism we had a question and answer period with the brethren that was of benefit. Another outstanding attendance at the afternoon worship. When we came out our driver was waiting for us. Yesterday he did not come on time so we secured another car. Got back to town and took machine back to the hotel. Started packing and then had supper around 7:45.

Several isolated thoughts:

  1. The church has two songbooks; one is red and the other is green. The songleader will say the number for the green ‘back’ and one for the red ‘back’. This distinguishes the books according to their cover versus the white pages on the inside.
  2. The slope down to the church building was OK but when it rains it would be a real adventure.
  3. I got on a machine to go to lunch and Vincent said to my driver that Paa would ride with him. The translation of Paa is Old Man!
  4. Coming back Victor (our driver) was going 80 in a 50. Don’t worry; that is Kilometers and not MPH.

We are all healthy and looking forward to traveling to Muyuka tomorrow. We will leave around 7. Thanks for your continued prayers. If you have emailed me and failed to get a response it is because my email is not sending again. Hopefully I will be able to write you soon.



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