Sunday, June 12, 2011 9:30pm-3:30pm CST

Dear All:

The Lord blessed our day. Only had 3 total studies but one of them gave his life to the Lord. His name is Augustine Karana and he is pictured below with Prince Ottobong who baptized him. The other picture is from yesterday’s journey.

Got up at 6:30 and prepared for the day. Jean Claude and I went with Prince and his family. We dropped Jean Claude in Bali where he preached. I went on to Batibo. Had about 40 (forgot to get an exact count). I taught both the Bible class as well as the sermon this morning and this afternoon. We had nearly as many this afternoon at 4 as we did this morning. After the morning assembly I taught Augustine and after a 2 hour study he was prepared. On the way back they dropped me in Bamenda and I took a machine back to the hotel. Kurt and Louis ate earlier and Vincent, Jean Claude and I ate at 6:45. We are eating well and it is good that we brought Coke Light as well as ketchup as the hotel had no drinks or ketchup. Kurt and Louis came in as we were finishing up and we had a good discussion. I have downloaded pictures from today and have the Batibo congregation below.

Some miscellaneous items:

  1. The Batibo congregation has green and red books so the song leader calls out numbers for each color. If you were color blind then you would at least have a 50/50 chance of getting it the first time. Teresa Blaisdell would have a 30/70 chance! BTW: are you aware of just how great Teresa is?
  2. They are much more ‘to the point’ here. When we dropped Jean Claude Prince’s wife said the following regarding one of her children to the driver: “The child needs to pee.”
  3. The young man who said a few words regarding the contribution this morning said: “When some hear about giving their face becomes sad.”
  4. I was last here in 2007 and we had 3 baptisms that year. All have remained faithful.
  5. One brother was speaking to us about the normal matter of growth. He was applying it to the church and in referring to people said: “growth is normal unless you are a dwarf.”
  6. You should have seen this 4 year old try and carry my backpack. He made it a few feet and succumbed.

We are all doing fine. Thanks for your continued prayers.



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